02 December, 2009

LFCTV tweet me.haha!

A'kum n ello..

you people maybe already know that i am a Twitter addict.

as you all also know,that many famous people have twitter. oh yes, i follow demi moore, and taylor swift, but seriously, i never tweet anything to them.

maybe cos i'm shy?

oh btw, LFC.tv;the official Liverpool website also has a twitter; just for the fans to give their feedback or opinions to the Liverpool staff i.e the internet team or something like that.

and for the 1st time, i tweet to them.

..it was about the Liverpool new website. Liverpoolfc.tv change their web to a new layout,and it's brilliant!

and bcos they just change it few minutes ago, so i tweeted LFC.tv about it.

torres' freckles refers to this:



LFCtv tweeted me back and said:

cool huh?

that Liverpool guy even responded to my humour.hahaha.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and hehe,Nazmie~~,LFCTV tweeted me!

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