14 December, 2009

for the new card.

A'kum n ello..

i just got back from the bank.

had to travel to 3 places just to replace A card. what the hell,rite?

1st place: CIMB Seksyen 9.

i'd expect that place to be less people,with it small size and all. so i went there. my sis(whom i asked her to come cos she was the one who lose that card) waited for me in the car as it never easy to find a parking spot around the bank.

went inside the bank, not many people. then look around to take my number or search for some form to fill. then i realize that i was totally clueless about what to do. so i asked this guy who had a face saying 'if u confuse,ask me' so i asked him.

alia: can i replace my card here?
guy: u can,but we don't have any stock for the cards.
alia: oh.
guy: *smile*
alia: *smile* never mind then.

today is Monday. the bank should supply everything especially in the first day of the week. what happen to GOOD SERVICE!?!?!

2nd place: CIMB at Bangunan UMNO beside Blue Wave Hotel.

saw 2 big signs of CIMB.so i thought that place might replace my card. so i went inside.

is it me or that place only have ATM MACHINE but not the WHOLE BANKING STUFF?

where was the counter? where was the desks that should take care of my card? where was the pak guard? i didn't see any of them.

i nearly lose my temper to my sis after that.especially that i was too thirsty and too hungry. oh dear,another place.

3rd place: CIMB at MRCB,beside Plaza Alam Sentral.

my father always went there.so i thought maybe they can do something about my card. it's only a debit card with no account book anyway. nothing hard. should HAVE SOME STOCKS.

so i thought that place might have many plenty people,but nope.just old peeps who want to pay his house,and after-SPM students opening new accounts for their after-SPM job.

so like usual,i was clueless.bank is really not my thing. i still dunno those weird banking terms. then i saw this counter,a girl around my age was behind the counter. so i went to her. asked her about my card,where and what. and she smiled and gave a form for me to fill.

so i filled it.

waited for 3 minutes.

then she told me to go to another counter.

so i went.

a nice old lady smiled at me. her smile is totally not like the 'no stock' guy. then she gave me my new card,and told me to sign. so i signed. and her smiled widened. i laughed.

this is the 2nd time that people smiled when they saw my signature. i know my signature is like a lazy person's signature,and my kids maybe will copy it easily and copy it later in their report cards,but who cares anyway. i'm not a beautifu-writing person anyway.


i got a new card. and i'm hungry right now. later will go to PJ with aqilah cos i wanna repair my camera. Bandung next week,and my camera is needed at this kind of time.

tata then!

ps: the 1st person that smiled at my signature is also a bank-person.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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