18 December, 2009

my father and i

A'kum n ello...

last night...

my father called me about Bandung.

the thing is:

  • my father,the person who paid the tickets.
  • my father,who take care of the money.
  • my father,already booked the hotels in Bandung and Jakarta with the help of Noi.
  • my father,the one who called the MAS and AirAsia to book for our flight and like i just stated,he also paid them.
  • my father,also the person who asked us "already pack for Bandung?"

and now he asked me:

ayah: bile flight pi bandung?
alia: kul 8.30pm
ayah: eh.bkan kul 6.30pm?
alia: nope.
ayah: takla.kul 6.30pm.
alia: tak.8.30pm.alia sure.
ayah: btul ke? ayah rasa kul 8.30pm.
alia: tak. ayah ade bagi message kat alia.alia ingat.6.30pm to dari Jakarta ke KLIA.
ayah: ye ke?
alia: jap,alia check phone (her father is a really stubborn person.he wants confirmation.so had to search for the handphone that suddenly missing)
alia: henfon alia ilang.alia cari jap.
ayah: ok
alia: (searched for 1minute) (mr othman is not a person who likes to wait)(found the phone)
alia: jumpe dah.
ayah: so?
alia: LCCT to Bandung,24dec,flight QZ7592,8.30PM to 9.35PM.arrive in Husein Sastranegara Airport.
ayah: ok.
ayah: dah pack?
alia: blum.
ayah: Bandung tu sejuk.
alia: yeah.tau dah.
ayah: ok.pape karang call.ayah balik hari Khamis petang.

again,that's my father.

and just bcos of this conversation,i missed the ending of last night's episode of CHUCK.


the family have problem right now. THERE IS NOBODY WHO CAN SEND US TO LCCT.

that is funny.

my brothers aren't helping.

ta then!

ps: aqilah,don't worry about it.


: FaR . RaH : said...

nk ikot..

Alia Liverpool said...

sori ney.

: FaR . RaH : said...

x per..lom ade rezeki nk pegi..selamat bercuti^^