08 December, 2009

hard disk?

A'kum n ello...

now i know why people want to buy a hard disk.

now i know why boys carried hard disk everywhere they go.

now i know that someone actually mad with her parents cos her parents bought a new hard disk for the lil bro,but not for her.

now i know why my brother was very excited when he bought his own hard disk.


after i know torrent and it's benefits, i'm addicted to download movies and dramas.

i already download G.I Joe, Notting Hill, Up, Bridget Jones 1&2, You're Beautiful eps.1&2, Desperate Housewives eps.1(new season),Ugly Betty eps.8 (new season) and House eps.1 (new season).

and currently,i'm downloading You're Beautiful eps.3 and also Paranormal Activity(my bro who wants to watch it.not me).

and this all happen in 3 days. i dunno what happen in the next 3 years. things will be a hectic if this continue.

still, now i know what inside the boys' hard disk,what's inside the girls's hard disk, and why hard disk is too important.


how much a hard disk cost?

ta then!

currently,i'm downloading

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