12 December, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i'm very tired right now.

let me summarize what happen today:

the trio that went to the MY-TVXQ gathering

  • i went to the MY-TVXQ gathering.
  • najwa lose to me in rock-paper-scissors game.
  • i hit najwa's head using a plastic hammer cos she lose.
  • YEAY!
  • i met new people,but i don't really remember their names.
  • i used Taylor's surau without permission.
  • i didn't win the lucky draw.
  • i did win a lucky draw from the eating place,that is,from Street Cafe.i got an ice-cream,imported from Korea.
  • i got a doll from the exchange present moment.the doll is with a pocket.inside the pocket,is a receipt from memory lane.the cost of the doll is RM7.90.
  • oh.bcos my team beat najwa's, so we had to put a clown wig on her head.and she looks BEAUTIFUL!
  • you see that cake above, this girl cut that cake,but accidentally cut the '6th Annivesary' chocolate board.then aqilah said,"alia,sign~~~".shizzit.haha.
  • the games that we played were Quiz( i won a rm5 McD voucher cos i know the question for the "give 3 singles of Tohoshinki that got 1st place in the Oricon Chart), DiBiDiBiDip(i beat najwa's group blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com),and Charade(cool teammates i have there and love the ButtWriting).
  • the food are brilliant. DDokBokGi is better than expected. tho i need to practice my chopsticks skills more.
  • aqilah,najwa and i ate the most food.
  • we took some pictures with the people of the Street Cafe.
  • i didn't remember the people's names,but i have nicknames for them,like Checkmate and Spek.
  • celebrate Junsu's birthday and also the 6th Annivesary of TVXQ,a.k.a DBSK.
the ice-cream from Korea.

i beat Najwa!

my team(the winner) beat najwa's team(the loser)

The Whole.

The Cake!


ps: sorry cos i didn't blog this stuff like i usual do. i'm just tired.


asyachumel said...

waaa ramai chinese yek
best je tgk

Alia Liverpool said...

x ramai sgt tho org yg dtg.patutnye 100.but ade org spm,stpm n pi cuti tu sme,so ade around baper puluh je.haha.