31 December, 2009

Bandung [2nd day: shopping]

A'kum n ello..

now,the 2nd part of Bandung.

Bandung [PART 2]

so we had breakfast. and we had to wait for my cousin,Noi-she's currently studying medic at Bandung, and she got some time off to join the my family shopping around Bandung.

and my father said "we'll go after Noi arrive. it'll be around 9.30am"

so we waited.

then 9.30am arrived, and i got a call from Noi,and she said "i'm on my wait.so wait 1 hour for me"

i was like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com cos she suppose to arrive by now(9.30am),not 10.30am. so i just let it slide and told my father about it.

then around 10.30am, got a knock from the door. i thought it was the room service or maybe my father.

then found out it was Noi.

i saw her and i shouted "NOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

yeah. i shouted.

so people immediately know that we have to get ready to go out;shopping and etc.

btw, Noi came to the gueshouse with a Supir. a Supir is like tour guide or maybe a driver. so that Supir was the one who took care of our transportation.

and so, i experience my first time of traffic jam at Bandung during the daylight.


it was havoc. i never seen that kind of traffic in real life before. if you think KL is bad, Bandung is very,very bad. the drivers disobey the traffic rules that they might know, and drivers hit the car horn every 2 seconds, and kiddies and adult walk around the road without even care about getting hit.

it was dangerous. it was pitiful. it was stupid.

but what you can do anyway. Bandung ONLY has 5million people in the city alone. and for those 5million people to be patient in the roadside is like thinking that Indonesia will win the world cup. impossible but not really impossible.

bad analogy,i know.

anyway, the day was planned to be a Shopping Day. the 1st stop of our shopping day is Rumah Mode.(Mode as in Mo-de,not Mod)

saw a banner outside the Rumah Mode, and it said "80% Diskon(??-4 jan 2010)"

and you know me,80% Discount is heaven.

so we shopped there.

my father only gave me 800000rupiah, that equivalent to rm250++. and you'll feel that all the stuff that you have there is quite expensive eventho when you convert it to Ringgit, almost all the stuff there is below RM80.

like this Bebe shirt that i bought, it cost around 74000rupiah. but i found it quite expensive,even though in Malaysia, 74000rupiah=rm19.47. that Bebe shirt is cheap rite? but better know beforehand that i have another 6 shops to go and i only have 800k rupiah, and most shirts cost about 100k rupiah.

hard rite?

it's quite hard for me,but not harder for aqilah,cos unlike me,her parents are not with her. me, on the other hand, has my banker with me,i.e my father. he was there, and he added some bits of money for me. and not just that, another relative of mine also there, and she added some money for me. so my 800k rupiah is like 1million rupiah already.haha.

anyway, at Rumah Mode, i bought Minimal shirt, Minimal cardigan, LV jeans, Jimmy Choo handbag. all of them took around 700k rupiah.if you exclude the Jimmy Choo handbag, it's around 500k rupiah.

then, had lunch.

our 1st lunch at Bandung was Nasi Padang. Nasi Padang is like the usual food that we eat at home. It's like nasi campur, but this Nasi Padang is like: serve all the food that they have in different plates. if somebody touch 1 plate, that plate(food) consider sold.

example: the shop served chicken, spinach, prawn, squid, lettuce, beef in their own plate. and you only eat chicken,prawn,squid. only those plates are consider to be paid. BUT if you touched the spinach,but you didn't eat it, it means SOLD! they serve ALL food in ONE table,but you don't eat ALL of the food.

something like that. i'm not good in explaining btw.

and my father told me that if you can serve Nasi Padang with plenty of plates in one hand, it means you're professional.

so someone like below is consider Professional.cool huh?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and after lunch, we went shopping again. i barely remember the name of the shops. the only shops i remember are Grande and Blossom.

Grande is good for the male, cos there are plenty of clothes for men. from Zara to Polo to other cool shirts. even Tiger Wood shirts are there, but bcos of his immoral behaviour, nobody buy his clothes. shame, his shirts are similar with Polo tho.

another shop that i remember is Blossom. Blossom is quite nice. my sis bought a Chanel bag from that place. and that bag is AWESOME+CUTE! it's more expensive than my Jimmy Choo bag. haha. and i bought a Bebe shirt there. and also this pink Konnichiwa sandals. Pink bcos many people often use my sandals, and nobody will wear that Pink sandals of mine after this.

and there are other shops,but i didn't remember their names. tho in one of the shops, i bought this Abercrombie&Fitch shirt.


aqilah didn't shop many things tho. cos she had to think about her family at Malaysia,about what to buy and all. i told her to bring 2.5million rupiah, but she didn't listen.haha.

and my 1st bro, amin, was very excited with the shopping and he asked me how many clothes i bought, and i told him i only got 3,and he said he already bought 9.


ok. my brother bought 9 SHIRTS!!!!

see how excited he was??

then, we went to our car. The Supir was waiting for us. and bcos it was raining heavily,(raining season at that time.that's why that korean Rain is doing his concert later at Jakarta) there were these little kids, with umbrellas, and they let us borrow the umbrella,but with some bits of tips. you can see many kind of people that help us but with money intention at Bandung,and these kids are one of them. they were under the rain since the start of the rain and it was raining for 4hours straight,and the kids with the umbrella already shivering. and after we borrowed the umbrella, my father gave them 1000 rupiah,and my father asked them "enough?" the kids all smile happily.

fyi, 1000 rupiah = 30sen.

dear asya, i give you 30sen. you happy?

after all those shopping, we ate dinner. but before that, we went to Amanda Brownies Shop. that shop sells the most famous brownies in Bandung. if Malaysia has Secret Recipe, Bandung has Amanda Brownies.

the brownies doesn't look like brownies tho. it's more like cake. haha.

(i'm too lazy to show you)

then, ate dinner. asked the Supir where the best place to eat. he recommended Sapu Lidi. so we went there.

and i was forcing myself not to laugh when i looked at the menu. it was hilarious. i saw this one cool menu, and it said "Ramuan Nenek Sihir". it was hilarious. how could people even think about that kind of name is really wow.

and also, the place has one of the nicest style among all the restaurants that i ever been. it was traditional and garden-ish.

this is the view....

then people eating hungrily...

food all gone after that.....

after dinner, we went home. around that time, i was checking my watch. it was Friday's night, and 1N2D will be on in few minutes. and after we said bye2 to Noi,who went home with the Supir, me and aqilah switched on the tv, and lucky the place has KBSworld, so we watched it.

and you know how much 1N2D can make me laugh, so we laughed VERY VERY HARD,especially with ALIA+AQILAH combo laughblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. few minutes after that, my brother was outside my room and with his sarcastic,mad tone, he said "TAK RETI NAK GELAK KUAT LAGI KE????"

and we tried to control our laugh after that.

almost fail tho.

and that's all for the 2nd day of Bandung.

and i set the aircond to 24degree,and i slept nicely.

ta then!

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