15 September, 2014

New Phone: Lenovo S960 Vibe X


I'm using a new phone cos my old Samsung Galaxy Note went kapoot. Went for a repair n found out even the motherboard was ruined. If i replace the motherboard, it'd cost about RM600. End up not paying for that and planned to buy a new phone instead.

Went to Mid Valley cos they had this IT Fair thingy. Wanted to look around for some new phone. And the one that excited me was the this new Lenovo. The price was quite good. About RM669 like that. Didn't have the money but i did feel like i want to buy that phone.

Went home, told my dad, showed him some brochure of Lenovo phones, and i thought about which one i want. The Vibe X was within my price range. The Vibe Z is tempting but the price...erm NO. Anyway, 2 days after that, my father gave the money and i bought a new phone with my maid as the negotiator.

I'm liking this phone. 2.2 Ghz processor, 2GB RAM, Camera: (front) 5mpx, (back) 12mpx. Yes, the camera quality influenced my decision a bit. I need a good camera for selfie after all. Haha. Fyi, the camera was supposed to be 13mpx, but after i updated the android to the most recent one, it becomes 12mpx instead.

It has certain themes, and you could choose. You could change the wallpaper to the one you want but it's a bit difficult to set it to your own liking tho. It has some editing features for the camera that you might not need the Camera360 app if you have this phone. And for the selfie camera, it has this beautify picture thing that will make your face look flawless without any acne scars. 

I end up reviewing this product instead. Ah well. Here's a picture of me selfie with my new camera.

supposed to meet Cumberbatch, but met Cantona instead

AsSalam and hello.

so i'll blog the Part 2 of my Cumberbitches' plan to meet Cumberbatch when he was in Malaysia.

spoiler alert: IN THE END WE DIDN'T MEET HIM.

i'll just say that we were not fated to meet each other face to face. some of my mates did see him. Emilia Yunho saw a glimpse of him. my friend, Bahiyah and I? we saw none of his glimpse.


i didn't remember much about that night now that THAT night was months ago, so i couldn't really blog what actually happen. sorry tho. maybe i really should start blogging actively nowadays especially now that i already put some adsense ads at my blog. haha.

anyway, we did meet some famous people tho. that Bahiyah, she saw Jamie Foxx when he arrived at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel after the award show. she was like "JAMIE FOXX!! JAMIE FOXX!! HE JUST CAME OUT FROM THAT VAN!!" and we were like "where?where??" and saw none of him.

by the way, we were at the entrance of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at that time.

so we parked the car and went to the cafe and ordered one pink guava juice that cost RM24 and also 6 glasses of warm water that were free. actually, we ordered 3, but they gave us 6 cos the waitress knew why we were there i.e STALKING.

anyway, we waited for Mr. Cumberbatch to enter the hotel. we still saw nothing.

famous people started to appear.

and then i saw 3 Manchester United fans sat beside our table. waiting for some Scums legends such as Eric Cantona and .....oh, Bobby Charlton.

anyway, we waited.

and then Tiqah, my new Cumberbitch friend, saw at twitter that Benedict Cumberbatch was outside the hotel, signing some autographs for the fans outside. LIKE, WHAT THE HELL. we were waiting for him in the hotel with a RM24 guava juice, and he was signing autographs for fans that spent nothing for him????

sometimes, life is a bit cruel. but we have to embrace it.

anyway, we still hoped he enter the hotel. but then we found out that the VIPs went to some post-award party at a nearby club. so Mr Cumberbatch went party without us.


with hope in our heart. that line from You'll Never Walk Alone was in my mind. so we waited for him. it was almost 11pm at that time.

and then i saw David Coulthard. for your information, he was a former Formula One racer. btw, those who know me since i was 11 knows how much i love F1 at that time. i had a book that had this statistic and data about the winners and all. my favourite F1 racer will forever be Mika Hakkinen. Michael Schumacher is good, but i don't like him enough as a favourite. and so do David Coulthard. but still, i did like him long ago because i was a fan of McLaren, and he was a McLaren driver when i was a fan of F1.

anyway, i saw him and his wife. i don't want to talk about his wife, cos i don't know her but she was a bit sexy, and i didn't really like her dress that night. Coulthard tho, looks ..good, i guess. not all F1 racers look like Kimi Raikkonen after all. you can't blame him. anyway, i didn't take any picture with him. i only looked and tried to not look excited. haha. i mean, that was David Coulthard after all. that former McLaren F1 racer. anyway, he didn't go to the party. he went straight to his room after he stopped by at the cafe.

and then, the Scums fans stood up and went somewhere. i didn't really realize that until Emi's friend, i forgot what his name, asked me"you don't want to take a picture with Cantona?" and i was like "why should i?" and when i think about it, i should take a picture with him. i could show-off to my brothers if i took a picture with him.

so Emi, her male friend(a Scum supporter) and I went to the lobby and saw the guy that did the flying kick to a supporter, Eric Cantona. he was busy signing autograph for the Scums fans. while we went near him, the guards told us that we couldn't take a picture with him. Emi was like "only few minutes lah" and Cantona suddenly walked away. we chased after him and he stopped to sign more autographs. while he was busy signing those autographs, Emi went to him, pulled a tiny bit of his suit that he end up looking at her, and she asked"will you take a picture with us?" and his reply"OK."


and he went back signing the autographs, and after he finished, he looked around for us, and we went to him and took a picture together.

from left: Emilia, Cantona, Me.  
after we took a picture with him, i just realized that our cameraman was Emi's friend, the Scum supporter. hahahahahahahhahaha. i asked him why he wasn't in the picture n he could just asked someone to snap for us, but he just said "at least i could meet him".


nway, i sent the picture to my family's WhatsApp group. and my brothers were like "where did you meet him?"

i am brilliant, after all.

anyway, we went back to the cafe. still waiting for Mr Cumberbatch to appear.

one hour gone, still no him.

i did see some Malay guys who looked rich. found out they were Siti Nurhaliza's stepsons. must be nice to be rich. ate at that cafe and ordered expensive food like its cheap.

and i saw Fabio Capello. again. feel like taking a picture with him tho, but some guys took a picture with him first, and he went to eat his supper immediately afterwards. no chance for me. then i saw Bobby Charlton. some Scums fans wanted to take a picture with him but his wife stopped them "NO PICTURE PLEASE"


and so we waited again. it was almost 12am.

and then, some girls said"he already entered but he immediately went to the lift!!" and Emi said"i saw him too. he just went to the lift immediately". they said he was drunk after the party. some girls stopped him n wanted to take a picture while he was drunk, but he refused them politely.

and so, it ends. no chance of meeting him. i was not fated to meet him. maybe one day.

and i end up meeting another Scums guy which i found out later to be some famous painter of Manchester United. a very old guy who was really really friendly to us. and he thought all of us are Manchester United fans. how cute. Tiqah is a Spurs fan, while I support Liverpool FC.

ha ha.

anyway, he was nice. he wrote his website url that has some Cantona's pictures, on his dentist name card and gave it to us. he still thought we were Scums supporters tho. his wife even asked"your brothers have a poster of Cantona on their walls?"

erm... i forgot what i answered.

anyway, we gave up. we paid for our drink and went outside of the cafe. the security immediately came and said"we received complains and you have to leave now". if only i can shove my RM24 bill of pink guava juice up his ass, that'd make my day.

so, that's all.

bye bye.

maybe one day we'll meet each other, Mr Cumberbatch.

good night. thanks for reading.