29 August, 2010

HOUSE:promo pic

A'kum n ello...


yes, i love House.

i think he is the most interesting person on earth.HA!

and yes, i really love the series.
yes, i maybe skip the 1st 4 seasons, but that doesn't mean that i'm not a House fan.

and you know, House M.D is like another version of Sherlock Holmes. and because of that, i'm thinking of reading Sherlock Holmes novels.haha.

but,maybe later. i have more than 8 books need to be read (i blame you, Microbiology!!).

oh.i haven't read many story books nowadays, so my English kinda sucks.
yes, story books are the source for me to maintain my english language. thanks to Meg Cabot for that.

so now, bye2~~~~~~~~!!

ps: Haniyana as Puan Falcon? PPFFT!!! sorry dear, that guy is mine.HAHA. you go have that Hiro the guy-who-had-sex-with-Mika-then-die guy than having my Takagi Fujimaru the Falcon.haha.

credit image: (i forgot.tell me to credit if it yours)

27 August, 2010

Xabi on twitter.

A'kum n ello..

you remember my old nickname?
it was Mrs.Xabi.


can't help it. he is handsome,cute,BRILLIANT PASSER, and such an UNF(it's a sound,not an initial)

i really like him when he was in Liverpool. such a brilliant player.

and of course, i was devastated when he left Liverpool for that Real Madrid. but oh well, nothing can be done. it's not like he join Scum like stupid Owen. anyway, unlike Owen who think Scum is better than Liverpool, Mr Alonso thinks Anfield is the best stadium ever and instead of going holiday with his family when there was no Real Madrid match, he came to Anfield to watch the Liverpool vs Arsenal match (tho i blamed him for being the reason of the defeat of that match.).

ok. i think i spazz too much.

why did i blog about him?


this guy has TWITTER!!!!


ok. i know he's not a Liverpool player anymore, but you know, he is the best passer in the world (IMO) and in my head, he'll forever be my favourite player, so i don't care.

i never been this happy before whenever people have twitter.last time i felt this happy was when Kyuhyun got twitter, but that guy never tweet in English, so i don't really feel happy.

anyway,this Mr Alonso already start his 1st tweet,and he already used 2 words of english eventhough it's a simple "Checking Twitter"

anyway, i'm happy. it's like having Changmin on twitter, except, better.HAHA.

bye then!hihihihi.

ps: i already tweet something to him.it's not a word tho.HAHA.

another ps: i'll stop my spazzing if he put his wife picture.HAHA.

NO, I WON'T PUT HIS PICTURE IN A REAL MADRID SHIRT.it reminds me of that MourinhoDaArrogant.

Transbzonspor vs LIVERPOOL.

A'kum n ello..

[this is a Liverpool post.you like it,read it. you hate it,there's a reason why the X button exist at ur tab/window]

last night, i was getting ready for Trabszonspor vs Liverpool match. so i checked the Astro guide. click click click.

how nice, THERE WAS NO LIVERPOOL MATCH ON TV.and WHAT THE HELL, the tv chose the Aston Villa vs Rapid Vienna match instead.

how many Aston Villa fans in Malaysia anyway? why they even show their match instead of the famous Liverpool?

anyway, i slept quite late;about 2am i think. and because the match started at 1.30am, i checked the live updates at Liverpoolfc.tv.

at that time, it was 1-0 to Trabszonspor. (Agg: 1-1 to Liverpool)

ok. the future was really bleak for Liverpool and also me at that time.

and because i was really really tired, i slept without keeping updated for that match.

i slept. continue dreaming about that lost-memory husband who is handsome,spanish, and rich.

and suddenly, my phone was ringing with KARA's Mister song (LaLaLaLaLaLa) and i saw Amier's name.

my 1st thought "is he at some mamak right now waiting for that Liverpool match?pity him"

so i answered the phone with my groggy voice "Hello~~~~~"

his reply "Alia, Liverpool nye match score bape?"

Alia: erm. tatau. tadi sebelum aku tido tadi, Trabzonspor tgh lead 1-0.
Amier: APE?????????????
Alia: (wide awake) NAPE NAPE?????
Amier: diorg tengah lead???
Alia: jap!! aku check tenet jap.
Alia: ok. nanti aku sms ko.
Amier: ok........nanti ko bitau.
Alia: ok then.

so AliaBaik checked the Liverpool website. and saw the main news "KUYT:I'M STAYING WITH LIVERPOOL"

no. i'm not interested with that news.


 whoa yeah! 

Liverpool won 2-1 at Turki!!!
so they're through to the group stages of Europa League. YEAY!!!!
oh.Liverpool are the 1st British team to win at Turki. nice?

anyway, i immediately sms Amier.
i was excited, so i sent something like:
"WHOA!LIVERPOOL MENANG!! 2-1!! own goal and Kuyt! YEAY!!!!"

his reply was unexpected. he said "Bukan ke agg (aggregate) 3-1?"

i think this guy maybe missed the Liverpool Menang words at the previous sms.

so i replied back "Liverpool ari tu menang 1-0. tadi diorg menang 2-1"

his reply "Yahoo!!Thanks! ok pi tdo"

he woke me up suddenly and now he wants me to go back to sleep. what a guy~~~T-T

anyway, i did go to sleep after that. with HAPPINESS.

i mean, Liverpool won! without Gerrard and Torres! hoho. THIS IS NICE!

i feel like i haven't feel this happy for a very very long time.HAHA.

k now.

that's all!

26 August, 2010

this week.

A'kum n ello..

i just had a fight with my sister.

stupid bitch.enough said.


ok i lied.

Monday was busy.
Wednesday not busy.
Thursday is today, also not busy.


to summarize, one day of busy-ness makes thing too tiring for the next and also the next next day.

Monday: i don't really remember. i know we had medic microbiology's lab. and also molecular biology's lab which end at 10pm. maybe the 10pm made things tiring.and also the fact that i will have food microbiology's test the next day.and also cos that Liverpool vs Man City showed at 3am(Tuesday morning).so i think i really really was tired on that day.

shit. Liverpool lose.3-0.BAD BAD PERFORMANCE BY THE REDS.hopefully, they'll play well later tonight. i'll trust Hodgson in this.i have to have faith in him.

Tuesday: tiring day. the fact that i watched that 3am match, and i did food's lab report until 6.30am and i had to go to class at 10am made things more tiring. and also the fact that i will have test at 4pm made things difficult for my brain, and also with me having my fast at that time thus no oxygen in the brain made things more difficult.

oh well. i read too many things. then, when the test started, i looked at the paper and told AqilahPrasanCute "LORH?!?ONLY THIS QUESTION?????" 3 questions for 23marks. bcos i read too many stuff, i was kinda confused which one was the answer for those questions. oh well,i think i did ok tho. so i'm trying not to mind so much.

Wednesday: LAZY DAY OF THE WEEK.mainly cos there was no class on this day.HAHA. so i woke up really2 late. and the fact that (i know i used this words so much in this post.but bear with it) and i know i have Medic lab report to do, but i really was lazy on this day. so i end up download all volumes of Good Morning Call (vol. 2-11,i already read vol.1 with Aqilah at UiTM's lab computer) and read the whole thing until 1.58am(Thursday time).

haha.I LOVE NAO!!!!!

oh.whenever i spent time watching or reading the same stuff for one whole day, i'll definitely end up dreaming about it. like last time, when i read Slam Dunk. i read that manga, and then when i went to sleep,i dreamed about Kaede Rukawa.HAHA.oh,not because he became my boyfriend or anything, but i dreamed about ME(AliaBaik) dreamed about BEATING him in basketball. ME!NA!ATASHI!BEATING RUKAWA! whoa yeah! i don't even know how to dribble a basketball!!HAHAH. anyway, after i read this manga, i didn't dream about anything.cis.i end up dreaming about my husband(dunno who he is,i just know he is rich,spanish and handsome), and in that dream,he gone missing, but 3 years later, AliaBaik found him at Gold Coast but he lose his memory.YEAH.I DREAM THAT.

Thursday: is today. went to Entrepreneur class.nothing much happened.class ended early. it was suppose to end at 12.30pm, but Madam let us out at 11am. like usual, the whole class stayed in the class cos that class is a computer lab. so watched Sunao Ni Naretakute with AqilahPrasanCute. whenever Jaejoong appeared, we'd be "KYAAAAAAA~~~~~JAEJOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!"


so when we were absorbed watching the drama, suddenly this young lecturer entered the lab and his students also entered. he ignored us, and do nothing. we were like "ok now.what happen??this time should be our class.why the hell there's other class using the lab?" apparently, the young lecturer didn't care much about us, so whatever, we didn't care,we went out from the class. anyway, AliaBaik,AqilahPrasanCute and KPslekeh search for other lab computers, and we went to this empty lab computer and watched 1N2D. HAHAHA.

(i want to put the video, but i think the file is too big for me to upload.so once i have the time to upload it, i'll put it in this entry)

anyway, we had Medic class after that, so we attended that class. and whoa, i saw PENIS!haha. we were learning about syphilis, and Dr Hana showed us some pictures of syphilis, and there was this picture that really really WOW.haha.AqilahPrasanCute asked me,"that's a penis rite?" HAHAHA.i said yup. maybe becos i don't have a penis,so i don't really care much about it. but there was this picture that really really painful to watch, which i don't know which part of the body will have that, but i think that is more frightening than a reddish penis.


i think that's all.

oh. i went to KPslekeh's room.we watched 3Idiots. we stayed there cos we wanna wait for Industry&Enviro's class(at 5pm).but then,we found out,they changed the class' time to 4pm instead,and it was 3.44pm at that time, so we kinda left for that class at 4.10pm. and on the way to that class, we got a call that the class already end.

yes. END

so we went home early.haha.

ok.that's all.

long post, i know.but maybe because i suddenly have the mood to blog.haha.

tata sayangs~!

21 August, 2010


A'kum n ello...

when i was young, i was a Pom-Pom girl.

erm No, i wasn't a cheerleader, if that what you think i was.

when i was young, i went to this kindergarten.it was called Tadika Sayangku. sweet name, i know. the kindergarten was kinda cool cos they have this annual concert for the kids that study there. around the end of the year, the kindergarten will have this concert. few months before that concert, they'll give some times for the kids to rehearse the dance and all.

a group of kids will be formed and they'll have their own performance to do, and mine was:

Pom Pom.

yeah, i became a 'cheerleader'. HAHAHA.

and i was the one in the pink.HOHOHOHO.

ok. i think i still remember some part of what happen before,during,and after the concert.

before the concert, my late-mother put some make-up on me. and let me tell you this, THAT was the first time i ever had make-up on my face. of course, i thought i look pretty. i was SIX.

and that pink blouse and pink skirt? at that time, those stuff were the most beautiful stuff i ever donned. and for now, i think maybe that's the most beautiful thing i ever wear in my life. cos seriously, i think i look beautiful in that.HAHA.

again, i was 6. and my inner self maybe want me to go back to being 6.

oh. the concert held at Kelab Shah Alam. the kids had to go there by the bus that was provided by the kindergarten.

i mentioned before that my late-mother put make-up on my face before. apparently, the make-up that my mother put wasn't thick enough. so the teachers there put MORE make-up on me. i don't even remember if i still look pretty or not. oh well, i think my hair was pretty at that time.

anyway, the performance.
HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. it was awesome. i think we made an awesome performance. i still remember (thanks to the somebody that recorded the performance of the concert and made it into a tape and i watched that tape zillion of times though i dunno where is that tape anymore) that after we performed, the host asked the audience "BEST TAK????"

when i was 6, i didn't think that question is special.
but now that i'm 20, i think that question is wow. cos seriously, other teams didn't even get that question! and oh,i still remember my mother said that our performance was the best performance of the night. haha.

(mind my excitement/arrogance/bragging, cos i forgot what it feels like to have that kind of achievement.HAHA)

Adzrin, you you you you you!! HAHAHAHHA.

then, at the end of the concert, all the kids that performed had to be on the stage. i remember that we had to sing some songs, but all i remember was that we had to sing Auld Lang Syne, but in Mandarin.

oh yes. i learned Mandarin when i was young.
and no, i didn't remember what i learned.

anyway, i think i was bad in Mandarin. i remember that during that moment (when we have to sing Auld Lang Syne in Mandarin), i was miming. cos i didn't remember any of it lyrics.

ok.now i feel like we didn't even sing Auld Lang Syne. oh well, who cares.

miming was created at this time...


my kindergarten days were kinda awesome. tho i was scared of my teacher,Miss/Mrs Azura (i think that's her name). she was a scary teacher. seriously.

i remember that i washed my face with soap after breakfast.
i remember that i memorized the lyrics of Captain Planet.
i remember that i was in Green class.
i remember that i coloured rabbits in colourful colours......

guess i have a nice childhood.

pretty sad that i don't really like my high school life tho. oh well.

ta then!

ps: if the writing is not like the usual writing, maybe because the blogger is too absorb in the memory lane, or she's just too hungry to even be excited.

20 August, 2010


A'kum n ello...

[this is a Liverpool post. if you don't like it, click that X button of your tab/window.]

this is Alberto Aquilani:

look how happy he was....

and this is the 1st thing that i saw at LFCtv after i got back from class...

my 1st thought seeing the title and also the news:

oh my.

seriously, WHAT. THE. HELL????

do you hate Rafa so much that you want to sell this guy? i can understand if you want to replace some of Rafa's players, but to replace Rafa's GOOD PLAYER??? you must be kidding??

it just too illogical to even leave him out of the Liverpool squad. i seriously don't know what good stuff you can do by not playing him in the team.

this guy is one of the best passer in the team.
and also have good vision.

but no, you stick with Lucas and you want to buy Poulsen instead. Poulsen, who played for too many clubs, but still an average players.

what really Roy Hodgson is doing?

you know, i try to be more positive towards Hodgson. he is, after all, a Liverpool manager. i should suppport him eventhough i really admire Rafa Benitez.

but really, i can stand the "he let Torres play even though Torres still not fit",his indirectly bad remarks toward Rafa Benitez, his announcement about Mascherano not answering his calls, and other stuff that i don't want to recall (he is a very pessimistic man), but this news about loaning Aquilani is just too much.

if he sell other players,like Mascherano,that really want to leave, i don't mind. because Mascherano already decided to leave.
but to leave Aquilani, a player that never tell the world that he wants to leave,is just too....MAD.

this is just too much.

18 August, 2010


A'kum n ello..


i changed the layout using the new blogger design.

i don't know if i like it,but whatever.i'm really am bored. with an empty appetite that i have right now, i don't even have any creativity in my head.

i dunno what colour to use.
i dunno what layout to put.
i dunno what pictures to upload.

i just click click click.
and voila~ new layout.

maybe i'll change it once my stomach is full. the brain need some oxygen right now. it's too dry, i don't even have anything to talk about.
i feel like this post is too empty....

ps: i put back the cbox. shoot~~
extra: n i also put the formspring. n i don't even know why i even sign up for that thing.haha.

15 August, 2010


A'kum n ello...

something that make my day for the past 2 days:


and this!

ta then!

i'm too busy.

A'kum n ello.

sorry for not updating. last week was a very2 busy week for me,seriously.

i did 3 lab reports on Monday,the 9th.
i had Food Microb test on Tuesday,the 10th.
i had to do Food Microb lab report n ETR's assignment on Wednesday,the 11th.
i had Industry test on Thursday,the 12th.
i had Agriculture test n Medic test on Friday,the 13th.

very2 cruel.

let me be a bad person. i'm not really an honest person in 3 of the 4 test that happened last week. thanks to someone named Ayu(who sat in front of me), KP(who sat beside me) and Miezah(who sat in front of me).

without this 3 people, maybe i'm a more honest person.

anyway, the main priority last week was study. so i didn't really have time to look at the surrounding. i did surf the net, but i only checked my twitter that have more than 1000++ updates,which made me spent more than 1 hour cos of it.after checked all those updates, i didn't do other stuff. i didn't read my friends' blogs or read my friends' updates at LiveJournal. i was too busy.


bcos i was too busy and didn't know what happened around me, my father scolded me about me, saying that i was ignorant. he didn't know i was busy, so i don't really want to care much about it. still, he complain too many stuff, like why i didn't ask for the money to cut the grass, why the grass still not cut, why i didn't know when will my sis goes back to Jengka, why i didn't replace the lightbulbs, why i didn't do that n that.


i know some people are too busy, but i'm also busy. i'm busy cos i want to make you proud. i'm busy cos i want to make you happy. i'm busy cos i need to impress my lecturers. i'm busy cos i'm a responsible student. i'm busy cos I AM BUSY.

heck, i'm soo busy i didn't even have the time to go to the bank to check my money or anything. i don't even have the time to top-up my phone.

i'm very very busy.

and to make it worst, i'm too tired because i'm too busy waking up my brothers who sleep like a log during sahur.

be reasonable, for once.

the busy-ness still have it effect on me. i'm just too tired. i'm too tired to do the medic lab report that due tomorrow. i'm too tired to even wash my face.


maybe i should stop now.

i'll end this post with a happy stuff(something that will make ONLY ME happy):

WENTZ's abs and TEPPEI being wet from outside to inside.

ta then!

10 August, 2010

Ramadhan: start.

A'kum n ello..

load plenty of times using Google Chrome, but this old laptop is getting too old, it can even load the the blogger page.

oh well.

now. where was i?



may you have the best Ramadhan ever!!!

you know what is good about Ramadhan? apart from the diet, less money use n murtabak?

it's the.............
seriously, i don't even know what.

diet. YES.
less money use. YES YES but not quite.
murtabak. YES YES YES.
tepung pelita a.k.a kuih sampan. YES YES YES YES YES!

oh oh. i want some ayam percik and satay. THOSE are GOOOOOOOD~~~!

i don't really have this looking forward feeling. maybe because i had my fast not long time ago, that's why. so i don't care much about this. i'm just treating it like usual; do what God told you to do.

oh. as a microbiology student, i want to inform you something; Please wash your kurma before you serve them to the whole family. my food microbiology lecturer told us that somewhere at Saudi Arabia where people sell the kurma, they step on the kurmas before they sell them. and i definitely don't think they wash those step kurmas.

so now you know.

and so,
took this from Google. so thanks to siti_horizon for the image.

bye all. gonna sleep early for sahur.


ps: i'm thinking of changing from Chrome to Firefox. don't think this old computer like Chrome tho.aih.i can't live without Chromed Bird T-T

another ps: diet,NOT QUITE.less money use,NOT GONNA HAPPEN.