27 August, 2010

Transbzonspor vs LIVERPOOL.

A'kum n ello..

[this is a Liverpool post.you like it,read it. you hate it,there's a reason why the X button exist at ur tab/window]

last night, i was getting ready for Trabszonspor vs Liverpool match. so i checked the Astro guide. click click click.

how nice, THERE WAS NO LIVERPOOL MATCH ON TV.and WHAT THE HELL, the tv chose the Aston Villa vs Rapid Vienna match instead.

how many Aston Villa fans in Malaysia anyway? why they even show their match instead of the famous Liverpool?

anyway, i slept quite late;about 2am i think. and because the match started at 1.30am, i checked the live updates at Liverpoolfc.tv.

at that time, it was 1-0 to Trabszonspor. (Agg: 1-1 to Liverpool)

ok. the future was really bleak for Liverpool and also me at that time.

and because i was really really tired, i slept without keeping updated for that match.

i slept. continue dreaming about that lost-memory husband who is handsome,spanish, and rich.

and suddenly, my phone was ringing with KARA's Mister song (LaLaLaLaLaLa) and i saw Amier's name.

my 1st thought "is he at some mamak right now waiting for that Liverpool match?pity him"

so i answered the phone with my groggy voice "Hello~~~~~"

his reply "Alia, Liverpool nye match score bape?"

Alia: erm. tatau. tadi sebelum aku tido tadi, Trabzonspor tgh lead 1-0.
Amier: APE?????????????
Alia: (wide awake) NAPE NAPE?????
Amier: diorg tengah lead???
Alia: jap!! aku check tenet jap.
Alia: ok. nanti aku sms ko.
Amier: ok........nanti ko bitau.
Alia: ok then.

so AliaBaik checked the Liverpool website. and saw the main news "KUYT:I'M STAYING WITH LIVERPOOL"

no. i'm not interested with that news.


 whoa yeah! 

Liverpool won 2-1 at Turki!!!
so they're through to the group stages of Europa League. YEAY!!!!
oh.Liverpool are the 1st British team to win at Turki. nice?

anyway, i immediately sms Amier.
i was excited, so i sent something like:
"WHOA!LIVERPOOL MENANG!! 2-1!! own goal and Kuyt! YEAY!!!!"

his reply was unexpected. he said "Bukan ke agg (aggregate) 3-1?"

i think this guy maybe missed the Liverpool Menang words at the previous sms.

so i replied back "Liverpool ari tu menang 1-0. tadi diorg menang 2-1"

his reply "Yahoo!!Thanks! ok pi tdo"

he woke me up suddenly and now he wants me to go back to sleep. what a guy~~~T-T

anyway, i did go to sleep after that. with HAPPINESS.

i mean, Liverpool won! without Gerrard and Torres! hoho. THIS IS NICE!

i feel like i haven't feel this happy for a very very long time.HAHA.

k now.

that's all!

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