21 August, 2010


A'kum n ello...

when i was young, i was a Pom-Pom girl.

erm No, i wasn't a cheerleader, if that what you think i was.

when i was young, i went to this kindergarten.it was called Tadika Sayangku. sweet name, i know. the kindergarten was kinda cool cos they have this annual concert for the kids that study there. around the end of the year, the kindergarten will have this concert. few months before that concert, they'll give some times for the kids to rehearse the dance and all.

a group of kids will be formed and they'll have their own performance to do, and mine was:

Pom Pom.

yeah, i became a 'cheerleader'. HAHAHA.

and i was the one in the pink.HOHOHOHO.

ok. i think i still remember some part of what happen before,during,and after the concert.

before the concert, my late-mother put some make-up on me. and let me tell you this, THAT was the first time i ever had make-up on my face. of course, i thought i look pretty. i was SIX.

and that pink blouse and pink skirt? at that time, those stuff were the most beautiful stuff i ever donned. and for now, i think maybe that's the most beautiful thing i ever wear in my life. cos seriously, i think i look beautiful in that.HAHA.

again, i was 6. and my inner self maybe want me to go back to being 6.

oh. the concert held at Kelab Shah Alam. the kids had to go there by the bus that was provided by the kindergarten.

i mentioned before that my late-mother put make-up on my face before. apparently, the make-up that my mother put wasn't thick enough. so the teachers there put MORE make-up on me. i don't even remember if i still look pretty or not. oh well, i think my hair was pretty at that time.

anyway, the performance.
HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. it was awesome. i think we made an awesome performance. i still remember (thanks to the somebody that recorded the performance of the concert and made it into a tape and i watched that tape zillion of times though i dunno where is that tape anymore) that after we performed, the host asked the audience "BEST TAK????"

when i was 6, i didn't think that question is special.
but now that i'm 20, i think that question is wow. cos seriously, other teams didn't even get that question! and oh,i still remember my mother said that our performance was the best performance of the night. haha.

(mind my excitement/arrogance/bragging, cos i forgot what it feels like to have that kind of achievement.HAHA)

Adzrin, you you you you you!! HAHAHAHHA.

then, at the end of the concert, all the kids that performed had to be on the stage. i remember that we had to sing some songs, but all i remember was that we had to sing Auld Lang Syne, but in Mandarin.

oh yes. i learned Mandarin when i was young.
and no, i didn't remember what i learned.

anyway, i think i was bad in Mandarin. i remember that during that moment (when we have to sing Auld Lang Syne in Mandarin), i was miming. cos i didn't remember any of it lyrics.

ok.now i feel like we didn't even sing Auld Lang Syne. oh well, who cares.

miming was created at this time...


my kindergarten days were kinda awesome. tho i was scared of my teacher,Miss/Mrs Azura (i think that's her name). she was a scary teacher. seriously.

i remember that i washed my face with soap after breakfast.
i remember that i memorized the lyrics of Captain Planet.
i remember that i was in Green class.
i remember that i coloured rabbits in colourful colours......

guess i have a nice childhood.

pretty sad that i don't really like my high school life tho. oh well.

ta then!

ps: if the writing is not like the usual writing, maybe because the blogger is too absorb in the memory lane, or she's just too hungry to even be excited.


asya yaacob said...

dulu masa tadika menari lagu seroja! HAHAHA lawak gila bila ingat balik

tapi best walaupun cikgu dia garang T_T

::ayn:: said...

Peeewitttt it's meeeeee! Haha
Aku ada gambar lepas teacher tambah make up jadi tebal tu. Haha tak tau lah nak kata cantik ke huduh haha.

Alia Liverpool said...

asya:cam pelik kan,cikgu tadika mesti lg garang dr cikgu skolah.haha.

ayn: oh2!aku nk gmbr tu!!!hahaha.zaman glemer~~haha

izza the PINKERTON said...

ahahaha comel! :P