07 September, 2009

i found out.

A'kum n ello..

i'm glad that i friend with afiq.you know,he's like my source of the NEWS about the uitm peeps.haha.he told me ALMOST everything.unlike KP who really kept those secrets behind her boobs,afiq told me all the things that i want.hoho.

it's not like i'll tell other people anyway.i just want to know so that i won't be left out from the microbe's gossip.haha.

like i have THAT many friends to tell anyway. ok,maybe i tell hani or emi. but will they tell others about it?don't think so.

hear my story. i don't live inside the hostel. i live at my own home. if the class ends early,i'll immediately go home. if aqilah has class after that,i'll call anybody that free or just plan ahead to drive my own car to class. i hate to wait and that's why i know NOTHING about my course mates.it's bcos i never try to stop to even ask "awak,apa nama awak?"


truth to be told, i still dunno 100% of my coursemates. i tend to forget their names. oddly enough,but maybe bcos i have this loud nature in me,that people know my name. seriously,i'm not really glad about this.it's kinda rude after 3 semesters in the same class, and when i tap people at the back and asked "nama....awak....PE?"


anyway, back to the main story..afiq told me all the kinds of things that happened around the UiTM peeps.to make things cute, their girlfriends and boyfriends are in the same class,or in the same course.hoho.that girl's boyfriend is my group's mate and that boy is currently trying to ngorat this beauty from other's group.and one of the quiet boy is a hot man,when i know the way he tried to confess his feelings to the other girl.haha.

that's the best thing when you're close with your class rep.haha. he knows when is the replacement class and he also knows who date who and what they did during their date.

KP will be the kind of person,that when you tell her this one secret and she'll say "LA~!KO BARU TAU KE???"

which is very very annoying,it makes me want to pinch her spare tyres.seriously.

but there's one thing that i really want to say after listening to all these stories about my mates. THEY REALLY ARE DESPERATEblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. and i don't want to say why.


which maybe the reason why i still don't have any boyfriend. i love the traditional way.

or maybe it's bcos i'm really scared of losing my freedom and also some commitments like 'call ur boyfriend just to wake him up for sahur' or 'cepat!cepat!!belikan topup ntuk aku.boyfriend aku nunggu'.

I,am not that kind of person.

i maybe will become that. but i don't think it'll be now. the next person i'll fall in love with will be someone that'll make me become crazy. and when that's happen,i'll eventually fall into the 'desperate woman' category.

cos that's what it means to become a woman.IMO.haha.

ta then!


Anonymous said...

I know u'r not that kinda person... u're too smart to be like that.. :)

Pick a date during this week, bawa hana/kp sekali?

Alia Liverpool said...

erm.x sure tho.friday?i'll try ask my friends first.

Anonymous said...

dun think i'll be free on friday/sat/sunday, i''ll be at work...weekdays?

nur_hidayah said...

haha...cian alia....

Alia Liverpool said...

anony, dunno about wednesday and thursday.cos i'm not sure if my class leave early or not.tomorrow will be too sudden tho.

Alia Liverpool said...

yod,pemende yg sian nye?