03 September, 2009

i dunno what the title ~

A'kum n ello...

i smelled 1 of the smelliest thing in the world and also,emi treated me Seoul Garden for my iftar.


first,was THIS!

1:1 AMMONIA precipitate~!

aqilah asked me to sniff this stuff bcos there was this experiment that required our sniffing technique.so,i blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com and blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com!


that stuff was terrible.it was added with ammonia,which some people might know,that ammonia smells like urine.

BUT! the thing is, my urine doesn't even have THAT kind of smell.

seriously,lucky that i was fasting,so my stomach was empty. if my stomach is in full shape? i might blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. the smell was just terrible. i told aqilah and haniz(my classmate) "bau kencing aku pun tak camni!!"

anyway, the experiment ended early, and emi said she wanna treat us Seoul Garden cos her PTPTN already in, so,we(aqilah and me) picked her up at her hostel and we went to One Utama.

so i told Emi,"patutnye awak ajak pi esok.baru leh jumpe SS501" ahah. all of us will be busy tomorrow.so don't think we'll be going eventhough the fanmeeting is at 6pm.aha.

oh.Emi bought a new camera. it's about RM1888,i think ~. REMEMBER,she JUST got her PTPTN! so she spent her money by buying that new camera,Canon G10 i think. and that camera is super good. and i'm one of the first models! YEAY!

i smiled cos i have a new CAMERA!!!

anyway,at Seoul Garden, nothing much happen,except EAT. so we ate the food,and seriously, i found out something about myself, that i can't eat plenty of BUFFET food.aha.

BBQ Seoul Style

however,aqilah is totally different than me. after 45minutes of eating,she still said "kite blum kenyang lagi" seriously, she MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to EAT to this BUFFET stuff cos she already bought her baju raya!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
no BUFFET for me.

and that's all.

ps: LA chA TA!

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