08 September, 2009

ss501 is coming and jaebeom bye2 from korea

A'kum n ello...

so i told you just now that somebodIES are coming to Malaysia.

and yeah. those peeps are SS501!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com haha. no worry about the bad organizer and all.cos it's not some stupid organizer like C.I Entertainment that will organize the event,but it'll be an organizer that already organized concert for the likes of Jay Chou and Akon.

so,no worry there!

still.i won't spend many money for the tickets. i'm not their 100% fans. but still, HOT KOREAN MEN,and songs like Unlock,Deja Vu and A Song Calling For You to be sung together in a big crowded place,and THAT,especially for a korean fan like me, is really2 special.

so,I'LL GO!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and seriously,i hope nobody will interfere with my decision to go.i'm not an idiot. i won't follow some strangers or have sex with the ss501 boys.


and then,some news about 2PM's jaebeom. he really gone from korea. the antis want him to kill himself,and they have it. he kills himself from being a korean to become an american. aren't you embarrased that someone actually left korea bcos the korean people don't give support to their own people?

native or not, young or old, a person has the right to make a mistake, to apologize,and to be forgiven. but nope, this stupid antis just know how to punish but don't have any mind to forgive.

such corrupt and traditional mind,and you call yourself as 'ONLINE' people.bodoh punya orang.

Jaebeom, don't worry mate.maybe ur life without fans is better than the previous one.

source: allkpop.com


Dayya said...

he looked so sad T___T
screw those biatch!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah.sian dey ngk dia ni...