13 September, 2009

iftar at acu's house and Liverpool?

A'kum n ello..

hoho. i finally change the layout to a new one.huhu.kinda looks like i'm using the classic template aite? hehe. still, i love the previous layout tho.but still,who cares about this kiddy layout anyway.

kinda stupid that the layout is very2 childish,but the content is full of curse words like shit and bitch.

-pardon me blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com-

anyway, something did happen yesterday(12.09.09). i iftar-ed at acu's house,and whoa,they sure are loud. i suddenly realized that Pak Yang's voice is very2 loud.maybe he always shout at his students.(Pak Yang is a teacher)

seriously,his voice is really,really loud.
this is an old picture.the sexy old man that shows half his leg is Pak Yang.yeah,the one with the yellow shirt.haha. sexy old man is a teacher.hoho

and also,i found out that these people read Metro everyday,and they believe all the stuff that the tabloid(metro) said,and they'll discuss about it together passionately at one place.

the only thing that i can talk about passionately is Liverpool, sleeping habit with mimi and emi and all kpop stuff with Aqilah. other than that, na-da. except,if you include our 'dirty talk'. my partner in crime when i talked about dirty stuff is KP.aqilah will join us after me and KP end our talk.hahaha.

shitto really.

anyway, the famous question that was asked by the Tg Malim peeps was this :

Esok umah ko eh,Alia?

meaning: they'll iftar at my house tomorrow.

i haven't clean up my house yet.my notes still on the dining table,and i haven't read my bacteriology notes.

still, Liverpool won 4-0 and i can brag about it to my dear lil cousins who support Scums. aha. i don't think i need to talk much about the Liverpool win cos i'm very lazy right now,and i kinda disappointed that gerrard wasted plenty of chances during the game,and we should get more than 4 goals.but still,we,the Liverpool fans,will think positively,and always support the team.

k now.

p/s: aqilah, do you remember that we need to send the draft this Tuesday? ai~


asyachumel said...

comel gle

Alia Liverpool said...

hahaha.thanks.akhirnye,dpt gak pakai blogger template yg baru.haha.