21 September, 2015

Bon Jovi Malaysia concert 2015

AsSalam and hello.

Heheheheh. I saw Bon Jovi, at a concert, LIVE...and it was awesome!!!!!! woohuhuhu.

finally got the tickets from Cik Jie's friends who sold us the PS5 tickets for cheap. the PS5 seats were the cheapest and also the farthest ones from the stage, so i was a bit skeptical in spending my money at those seats. but then again, i only paid RM50 for it, so, i no need to complain. haha.

the price that Cik Jie's friend gave us was RM113. i paid RM50 only. haha. thanks, Cik Jie.
i went with my stepmum, that's why i got it cheap cos she paid some part of it. my dad sent us to the stadium. haha. it was kinda funny. usually, i went with my friends, so to see him sending us there, easily without worry about parking and all was kinda nice.

my partner for this concert.
 anyway, we arrived at the stadium. the concert started at 8.30pm so we have to pray Maghrib first. saw a Chinese guy with a AskMe sign. we asked him "where's the prayer room?" and he said it's in the stadium and we have to enter it at our PS5 gate, which is a bit farther from the entrance of the stadium. so we went.

at the gate, we lined-up and saw the security. they checked our bags, and 1 of them saw my camera. damn. so i told them that we are seating far from the stage and that my camera cannot really snap those people clearly. they have none of it. they said i have to ask someone else to keep it or something like that. so i said"oh yeke?" and put the camera inside my bag and went to Cik Jie and enter the gate without caring about those security. they just look at me and just let me in.
yes, the camera still with me. no way i will give others to take care of it.

still, we asked where is the prayer room. how nice, the security said i have to enter the main entrance to go to the prayer room. the Chinese guy before said a different thing. by the way, the security at the PS5 were Malays.

and so, we went to the main gate.

let just say, problems start from here. we asked the Malay securities, cos you know, Muslim to Muslim, we should help each other cos we understand each other the most. solat Maghrib is wajib. the conversation was somewhat like this (pardon the Malay):
Alia: ktorang nk solat Maghrib. surau dekat mana?
Malay pakguard: surau dekat dalam.
Alia: oh. camne nak masuk? nak solat ni.
Malay pakguard: oh. tak boleh masuk.
Alia: .....
Alia: ktorang nak solat Maghrib kot. surau perempuan kat mana je?
Malay pakguard: belah sini surau laki. surau perempuan belah sana.
Alia: so, ktorang nak pegi belah sana la.
Malay pakguard: oh. tak boleh.
Alia: ktorang nak solat kot. nape plak tak boleh??
Malay pakguard: ..................
Alia: ???????
Malay pakguard: (went to an Indian pakguard. not a Muslim) boss, camne ni?
Alia: (Seriously?????? ko Melayu Islam, ko tatau camne nak handle ni???)
Indian pakguard: sorry, we can't let you in.
Alia: hey. ktorang dah ade wuduk. ni solat Maghrib. ktorang kene solat ni. takkan tak boleh solat plak.
Indian pakguard: no, we can't let you in. there were some people who went in who said they want to pray, but instead they went in and enter a different zone.
Alia: ktorang solat sekejap je. pastu ktorang keluar la. takkanla tak boleh. you check ktorang pun takpe.
Indian pakguard: we really can't let you in.
Alia: (almost curse) 
Indian pakguard: (talked something at the walkie talkie. then..) ok here. i will say something.
Cik Jie: tak, ktorang nak solat sekejap je. dah ade wuduk dah ni.
Indian pakguard. excuse me. i'm in charge here.
Alia and Cik Jie: :/
Indian pakguard: You (point to Malay guard) follow them to the surau and wait outside.
Malay pakguard: (nod)

and that's it. i was furious. really, really furious. i wasn't furious at the Indian guy. i was furious at my own Muslim brothers. how could they not let us in and be timid and quiet when we told them that we want to pray. how could they not help us and be quiet like that? and how could the organizers not handling this matter properly?? the concert starts at 8.30pm, obviously fans will arrive during Maghrib.

i've been to many concerts and they are mostly Kpop. the recent B1A4 incident affected the Malaysian kpop fans tremendously. some youth societies called out kpop fans for being non-Islamic just because they were being over-obsessed over their kpop idols. what you should know tho, these so-called non-Islamic kpop fans do their prayers before the concert start. they know what is 'wajib' and what isn't. whenever i asked where the prayer room is, the organizers of kpop concerts, that are mostly Chinese, let us pray easily with no nonsense such as this. so, really. do not blame others for being bad when your own being make you bad.

ok. back to the concert. i almost forgot the main dish.

we've done our pray and went to the PS5 gate and sat somewhere that completely show the whole stage. it was far, but the view is good.

to be honest, i don't know much about Bon Jovi, but It's My Life is one of my favourite songs. i've started listen to it when i was 7 years old and the memory of that first time was special for me. and from that information, you could guess that i only know their famous songs only. ha ha.
anyway, the stadium suddenly gone dark. you know that they already appeared on stage and the concert finally started.

we brought my father's binoculars, so we could actually see Jon's face clearly using that. but still, you have to thank that big screen too. they have a great screen. HD even. 
they sang plenty songs that i didn't recognize. but the different thing about this concert with the other concerts that i went to, the unrecognized ones are enjoyable. my favourite was when they sang You Give Love a Bad Name. that was brilliant. the crowd sang like they're involve in the song. it was brilliant. i was in my concert mode. i sang and scream like a fangirl. haha. and when they sang It's My Life, i felt that nice oozy warmth. i went back to being 7 years old and saw the clips on that tiny, old tv. haha. those memories.

i forgot which song was it, but Jon came down from the stage and went to the fans. bloody great service he gave to the crowd. he let the crowd touched him and the crowd even hugged his whole body from the waist down and even groped his ass. this is what i saw from the big screen. i was far, obviously i couldn't join the crowd in grabbing his ass.

now, now. what will JAWI said about this?

and the light went off again. and encore. crowd started shouting "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!" so they appeared again and sang....Livin' on a Prayer!!! another favourite!


and then, he sang Have a Nice Day. nice as you heard it. after the song finish, they bowed and out from the stage.

no stage lights on, but the stadium's lights came on. crowd started to move and went out from the stadium. i was like "ehhhhh??? i thought there's a second encore??? where's the 2nd one??? where's Always????" one of the fan in front of me started to pick up his bag and was shaking his head towards me. hey, i looked at the setlist ok. i have a reason for being surprised.

and the stadium started to announce thanks and all, and that was it. the concert ended. just like that.

and you think Bon Jovi could have said a simple bye bye. he didn't. so, i have to accept that.

out of nowhere, there was this guy who came and asked us if we could take a picture of them. i said OK and then i saw my partner-in-crime who stalked Benedict Cumberbatch with me at Mandarin Oriental Hotel (she saw him, i didn't). 

this is Zati. of all places in that big stadium, we saw each other in that kind of circumstances. haha. we haven't since that Cumberbabes stalking.

overall, it was a brilliant concert. think it was the most crowded i even been too. heard there's more than 18k who came. so that was why.

come again, Jon and co. i'll try to memorize all your songs next time you come. and please sing Always next time we meet. thanks.

i'll do the Bon Jovi way, no bye bye and thank you. *bow out* *walk away*...

18 September, 2015

Bordeaux 1-1 Liverpool

AsSalam and hello.

LFC drew 1-1 against Bordeaux this early morning.

i slept during the 1st half. i was too sleepy. the Boncafe coffee really not effective in making me awake. i tweeted during half-time that i fell asleep, and a LFC mate of mine said that i didn't miss anything.

i kinda expected that.

the first 10 minutes made me realized that LFC might play this constant low quality football till the 90th minute. it was frustrating to see them play like that.

then, i fell asleep.

i was a bit happy when young Rossiter started for the team. 18 years old and his weekly salary might be more than $20k. Emre Can wasn't playing well too. Gomez did well tho. Sakho was the captain. Lovren and Skrtel did not start and that gave me a bit of confidence that we could win.

i was wide awake in the 2nd half. thankfully, Lallana scored the 1st goal. and then the camera showed Brendan's face and i was like "you still need to be sacked, mister". then, the usual defending mistakes occur again, Bordeaux equalized, and the score stayed the same till full-time.

it was upsetting but fortunate at the same time. we did not play well, but at least we got a point. very upsetting how disorganize the team were this morning. as individuals, the players are great. but as a team, they are not good. it was really frustrating.

Rodgers was improving at the start of this season, but after that good performance against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, his decisions later on show his arrogance and the results of the matches after that proved his incompetency. so now, i'm joining the #RodgersOut brigade.

i'm really really a nice person. but sometimes, we need to put an end in something.

Carra for LFC manager, please. not Gerrard, nope.

tho this news came out just now.....

oh. Bordeaux supporters are amazing. i want to join that kind of fun too, if i have the chance. YNWA!

17 September, 2015

pretty girl and Me.

AsSalam and hello.

tiring day today. the day today was gloomy, might've affected my head a bit just now. i was too sleepy. i was supposed to be at the lab at 8am today but i slept after my Subuh prayer and woke up at 8am instead.

ha ha.

currently, i have to do FTIR to my samples to check the compounds, whether there is any difference to my samples after i treat them with N- and O-glycosylation inhibitors. so today, i booked the FTIR machine at the forensic lab at 2pm.

i arrived at 2pm.

then i saw this lovely, beautiful girl. she wore a hijab, obvious shades of blushers at the side of each cheeks and lovely purple shades of lipsticks. a normal human will admit that she is pretty.

i saw the lab assistant talking to her. he was smiling. so i waited. then, he saw me. he said he had to use the machine first and that i'll use it after him. i nodded. i looked at the girl and she was shyly smiling at me. the lab assistant helped her analyzed her samples. he did all the analyzing stuff. the girl just followed behind him and watched what he was doing. she kinda did nothing.

i waited. waited. yawned. waited. i realized i had waited for 45 minutes and i had not done my Zohor prayer yet. then, two juniors from Applied Chemistry degree appeared. their turn was supposed to be after me.so, i end up telling them that i have waited for 45 minutes and my turn is yet to come.

3pm on the dot, and the lab assistant and the pretty girl were done with their work. the pretty girl apologized to me. i smiled and said "oh, don't mind".

really, i don't mind.

then, i went into the room with the FTIR machine. apparently, the lab assistant let her saved her data in her pendrive. OK then....

it was my turn. the lab assistant left me alone and like a pro, i had the job done.
major difference than what i've seen between the lab assistant and the pretty girl.

i was done with my work. so i told the lab assistant that i want to save my data.
he asked"do you bring a CD to save the data?" and i replied"yes" .

then, i realized....
this is discrimination between a pretty girl and an average-looking girl like me! (average is the right word as the word ugly is not that pretty).


that is all. i need to rant after all.

ps: i googled the term for this kind of discrimination and it is called 'lookism'

16 September, 2015

Assembly, Mrs Cop, YongPal

AsSalam and hello.

Since the time i passed my 2nd DRP (well, a repeated one), i had a bit of free time.

I'm too lazy to download dramas, so i watch them through the KBSworld and OneHD instead. Both channels now broadcast their dramas and variety shows early, so i watch them on tv instead.

HD too. No more 450p resolution.

Still, i don't subscribe Oh!K and Channel M at Astro, so i miss MBC and Tvn dramas. That's why i haven't join the Oh My Ghostess brigade yet.

Currently, KBSworld are showing Virtual Bride(Mon-Tues) and Assembly(Wed-Thurs) while OneHD are showing Mrs Cop(Tues-Wed) and YongPal(Thurs-Fri).

Among them, i watched all except Virtual Bride. Not sure why, i like the casts n synopsis but i decided not to watch it withoit reason. Some people said the drama is funny tho.

Current favourite among the three that i watch is Assembly. The current political problems in Malaysia might influence me to watch this but the fact that the same writer of Jeon Do Jeon is involve in this drama made me interested. And well, that writer still brilliant. Assembly might have a low rating but the casts and the story are just brilliant. The heavy politics story might not interest the general audience but it does has a fan in me. Whenever Jin Sang Pil talks, i have tears in my eyes. He talks all the problems that the public are having right now. High cost of rent, unnecessary funding to unimportant stuff, unnecessary quarrel among politicians, all those stuff. Another interesting point is that his aide is a woman. A brilliant-minded woman who thinks of strategy. Usually, dramas let the men do the thinking. Almost a feminist, i love the fact that they show that women can also like politics and women can also help the men in something that doesn't involve household stuff. The drama will end in Korea today, so a good ending is expected.

But this is KBS we're talking about. I might have a tiny bit expectation that it will have an ending like I Remember You.

Mrs Cop is brilliant too. Intriguing. Kim Hui Ae is awesome. Gikwang is cute. Son Hojoon and Lee Dahee are great together. The Violent Crime Unit are Jjang! The villain is evil and hateful but he makes the drama better. Just when i thought the drama is like a typical police drama, they have a different twist. Not sure what it is, but its sure is different. Unlike The Girl who Sees Smell, this one at least made me wants to finish the drama. Sorry Shin Sekyung, Kim Hui Ae tops you, always.

Oh. Kim Hui Ae's fashion is totally on point. Skirts? What is skirts? She wears police uniform with pants and still looks good in it.

Yongpal..... Intriguing. Maybe that's what makes it have a high rating. The plot makes the audience want to watch it. Kim Tae Hee really tries hard to show a good acting and she did ok. I pity Joowon. His eyebags are getting worse so i lose my focus a bit when i watch this drama. Him n KTH are not even compatible but they can be sweet together. Plenty women in the drama but KTH still the best looking. Funny fighting scenes, dramatic plots. Great surgery skills tho. Hope Joowon will manage himself better now that they want to extend the drama with 2 more eps.

Free times are nice if you fill them up with what you like. So i fill them up with dramas instead. Truth to be told, i should've spend them by reading journals instead of watching these dramas. Ah well. Whatever.

Back to watching Mrs Cop. Ta!

14 September, 2015

The missing Milo

AsSalam and good morning.

Milo the cat is missing. My family's favourite cat is missing.
Really, i don't want to admit the word 'missing'. It means i admit that he really is missing.
I am being very positive by saying he is somewhere out there, in other neighbourhood close to us, trying to mate with some pretty cute female cat.
He is at the age of being horny after all.
Milo, please be alive and come home. We miss you .

Can i see Bon Jovi?


Was checking out for some cheap Bon Jovi tickets on twitter last time.

Then i saw TuneTalk tweeted abt Bon Jovi tickets. Thought i could redeem them using my tunetalk points.

Nope. Only a 20% off of the tickets price with additional tunetalk points needed to buy the tixket. I have the points, don't have the money.

Told my stepmum about it. She loves Bon Jovi. She said she only wants RM100++ tickets.

So i entered some Bon Jovi tickets contests. I won nothing for now.

Then my stepmum's friend won 4 VIP tickets. They took 2 of them. Unfortunately, they want to sell the other two tickets.

Sometimes i hate this greedy, bussiness-mind people.

But my stepmum found cheap P5 tickets tho. Original price: RM138. Discounted price: RM113. She wants my father to pay for our tickets.

I don't mind tho.

Hoping for some good news. I did see somebody downloading Bon Jovi songs from torrent just now. He he he he 😝

"You give love a bad name" ~guitar plays~

A summary of the current.

AsSalam and hello.

Life is quite nice nowadays. I ate the food that i want, i shopped things that i want, and i have the freedom to choose what i want.

Life is nice when things go easy like this.

But sometimes, things like this suddenly become the opposite. Just when you say "today is a good day" you suddenly get a text saying "hey Alia, you need service your nose. Your cat peed on my shirts".

Life is pretty amazing like that.

I'm in my 3rd semester of my Masters now. Things are a bit relaxing before but the results of my experiments are not really that interesting. It is like a male cat. A male cat is nice when he has no one to mate. Nothing change. And then he wants to mate, and things change.

My current result is like that. At first, it was kinda awesome and might become a new discovery. Then it suddenly become a normal result that has no significance. Tough luck.

My support for my beloved football club is becoming dim tho. The lack of passion by the manager and players are making me lose my passion too. I support them bcos they were full of passion. But now, not so much.

I even think of changing my twittername to my real name. But apparently, you can't change ur twitter username anymore.

I suppose to read more journals nowadays. But i end up reading mangas instead. I read some ero-manga named Nozoki Ona. It was good read tho i kinda wonder whether being naked is that easy to do.

Btw, Behati Prinsloo has a nice body. Ha ha.

Few days ago, i've just realized that i don't have a look that can make others smitten. So  i kinda give up on making men like me. I'll be nice to them, and if they're nice to me and like me, i might like them too. Ha ha. Or maybe i won't. Or that person won't too.

I wish a close friend of mine will realize that the people around her change bcos her own attitude make them change.

What is bad by being nice? Naive? Try being treated badly. Then you want a nice treatment.

These all summarize what happened to me. Ta! 😙