14 September, 2015

Can i see Bon Jovi?


Was checking out for some cheap Bon Jovi tickets on twitter last time.

Then i saw TuneTalk tweeted abt Bon Jovi tickets. Thought i could redeem them using my tunetalk points.

Nope. Only a 20% off of the tickets price with additional tunetalk points needed to buy the tixket. I have the points, don't have the money.

Told my stepmum about it. She loves Bon Jovi. She said she only wants RM100++ tickets.

So i entered some Bon Jovi tickets contests. I won nothing for now.

Then my stepmum's friend won 4 VIP tickets. They took 2 of them. Unfortunately, they want to sell the other two tickets.

Sometimes i hate this greedy, bussiness-mind people.

But my stepmum found cheap P5 tickets tho. Original price: RM138. Discounted price: RM113. She wants my father to pay for our tickets.

I don't mind tho.

Hoping for some good news. I did see somebody downloading Bon Jovi songs from torrent just now. He he he he 😝

"You give love a bad name" ~guitar plays~

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