17 September, 2015

pretty girl and Me.

AsSalam and hello.

tiring day today. the day today was gloomy, might've affected my head a bit just now. i was too sleepy. i was supposed to be at the lab at 8am today but i slept after my Subuh prayer and woke up at 8am instead.

ha ha.

currently, i have to do FTIR to my samples to check the compounds, whether there is any difference to my samples after i treat them with N- and O-glycosylation inhibitors. so today, i booked the FTIR machine at the forensic lab at 2pm.

i arrived at 2pm.

then i saw this lovely, beautiful girl. she wore a hijab, obvious shades of blushers at the side of each cheeks and lovely purple shades of lipsticks. a normal human will admit that she is pretty.

i saw the lab assistant talking to her. he was smiling. so i waited. then, he saw me. he said he had to use the machine first and that i'll use it after him. i nodded. i looked at the girl and she was shyly smiling at me. the lab assistant helped her analyzed her samples. he did all the analyzing stuff. the girl just followed behind him and watched what he was doing. she kinda did nothing.

i waited. waited. yawned. waited. i realized i had waited for 45 minutes and i had not done my Zohor prayer yet. then, two juniors from Applied Chemistry degree appeared. their turn was supposed to be after me.so, i end up telling them that i have waited for 45 minutes and my turn is yet to come.

3pm on the dot, and the lab assistant and the pretty girl were done with their work. the pretty girl apologized to me. i smiled and said "oh, don't mind".

really, i don't mind.

then, i went into the room with the FTIR machine. apparently, the lab assistant let her saved her data in her pendrive. OK then....

it was my turn. the lab assistant left me alone and like a pro, i had the job done.
major difference than what i've seen between the lab assistant and the pretty girl.

i was done with my work. so i told the lab assistant that i want to save my data.
he asked"do you bring a CD to save the data?" and i replied"yes" .

then, i realized....
this is discrimination between a pretty girl and an average-looking girl like me! (average is the right word as the word ugly is not that pretty).


that is all. i need to rant after all.

ps: i googled the term for this kind of discrimination and it is called 'lookism'

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