14 September, 2015

A summary of the current.

AsSalam and hello.

Life is quite nice nowadays. I ate the food that i want, i shopped things that i want, and i have the freedom to choose what i want.

Life is nice when things go easy like this.

But sometimes, things like this suddenly become the opposite. Just when you say "today is a good day" you suddenly get a text saying "hey Alia, you need service your nose. Your cat peed on my shirts".

Life is pretty amazing like that.

I'm in my 3rd semester of my Masters now. Things are a bit relaxing before but the results of my experiments are not really that interesting. It is like a male cat. A male cat is nice when he has no one to mate. Nothing change. And then he wants to mate, and things change.

My current result is like that. At first, it was kinda awesome and might become a new discovery. Then it suddenly become a normal result that has no significance. Tough luck.

My support for my beloved football club is becoming dim tho. The lack of passion by the manager and players are making me lose my passion too. I support them bcos they were full of passion. But now, not so much.

I even think of changing my twittername to my real name. But apparently, you can't change ur twitter username anymore.

I suppose to read more journals nowadays. But i end up reading mangas instead. I read some ero-manga named Nozoki Ona. It was good read tho i kinda wonder whether being naked is that easy to do.

Btw, Behati Prinsloo has a nice body. Ha ha.

Few days ago, i've just realized that i don't have a look that can make others smitten. So  i kinda give up on making men like me. I'll be nice to them, and if they're nice to me and like me, i might like them too. Ha ha. Or maybe i won't. Or that person won't too.

I wish a close friend of mine will realize that the people around her change bcos her own attitude make them change.

What is bad by being nice? Naive? Try being treated badly. Then you want a nice treatment.

These all summarize what happened to me. Ta! 😙

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