27 November, 2014

The Stories of Those Around Us


Yesterday was Wednesday.

I was walking home to my car at UiTM during the evening and i realized that was in a brilliant mood.

It was the same feeling that i had after a day of seeing a handsome guy that smiles at me. Tho i saw no handsome guy but i had a pretty damn good feeling.

Then i realized, it was Wednesday.

My favourite webtoon is released every Wednesday.

And i damn well love it.

The webtoon is titled 'The Stories of those Around Me'.

My kind of reader pleasure. The story is sooooooo sweeet and shoujo-ish. Tho the webtoon is a Korean webtoon but you can imagine what i feel.

The story is about 3 girls but currently it talks about the story of Mira, who is almost 30, i think, who has a crush on this guy that he met at a subway, called Peace.

It is the typical romantic comedy storyline. Tho personally i like how nice the people around Mira supports her and how Peace sees her. And i love how real it is to reality. Because Mira's reactions are the same reaction that i had whenever something lovey doey stuff happened to me. And she kinda experiencing what i had, so i end up supporting her as a reader.

Tho the sad part is that Mira has a good chance of having a special relationship while i have no chance cos i currently do not have somebody.

If only i have one.

Oh, based on the latest chapter, Peace and Mira are having an ending that i have not had yet. Haha.

Anyway, if you want to read the webtoon, download LINE Webtoon app and search the title. Plenty of good webtoons in there too. Tho my personal favourite is this story.

Again, i reviewed stuff again. Bye then! 😘

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