13 November, 2014

you are your own view


today, a senior of mine told me this lovely, funny but a tiny bit sad story.

"Alia, you want to know something? yesterday, Dr Faiz asked me"do you know my student, Alia?" and then i said"yes, i know. why?" and then he said"oh. friends with her, ok?""


am i that lonely??

granted, i am always alone in the lab. i have to search for friends instead of making one. few months ago, the juniors were kind enough and always asked for help from me and tried to friendly. this semester tho, the juniors not so... friendly.

ah well. maybe i have a serious face after all.

there was a time i asked this young lecturer who taught me pre-calculus. she was nice. i asked her if she has any 1st impression of me. and she said"you looked arrogant when i first saw you"

i could have ignored it and forget about it but i still remember her answer till now. it is the way she said the word 'arrogant' that make me  still remember that answer. she looked...bitter.

ah well. as long as i know who i am, that is all that matter.

i liked this week's episode of Hello Counselor at KBSworld that had BEAST as guests. i love the way the fashion terrorist ajumma explained why she wore that funny and immature looking clothes. she had short curly, orange hair with a ribbon band on it, a pink clothes and heavy,glossy make-up on her face. and oh, she was not that thin, so she looked a bit ridiculous with those stuff on her. her daughter sent a concern about her because she wears that kind of clothes all the time and she is 43 years old. so her daughter wants her to stop.

and when the MCs told her if she will stop wearing those stuff, the so-called immature mother explained why she will not stop wearing those stuff.

"i do not care what other people think. if this stuff makes me happy, i am happy. why must i be unhappy just to follow what people said?" i think she said those stuff, sort of.

what she said was astounding. and she even add, "when i was young, my mother had plenty of clothes but she never wear them. she always wore the same one. one day, she went to my school. i was so embarrassed of her, i hid instead". she was almost in tears. the MCs could not say anything to her. her daughter changed her opinion, and instead told her to stop spending $1000 on her weird clothes but spend half of it instead. her mother agreed, and all problems settled.

and that, people, is why you must not care what people think. be wise. people might complain and say that and that, but that same people who complain also like that.

take me as example. there was this cute boy at my faculty but i often complained that he wore the same boring t-shirt all the time. but then, i realized that i also wear the same hijab, and the same shirts and jeans to my faculty too.

so, be wise and never care what the world think. you live for yourself and most importantly, for ALLAH.

image credit: brightdrops.com

bye :)

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