01 January, 2013

a mature New Year post

Salam n hello.

11.10pm. 1st January 2013.



tell you the truth, i actually thought 2013 already past days ago. i asked my brother last Sunday,"what day is today? tomorrow is New Year?" and then he replied"nope. this Tuesday is New Year. Today is 30th".

the reason i asked him that question was because i was hoping 31st December haven't gone yet cos i was thinking on buying that 31% discount of Baskin Robbins ice-cream.

New Year? 2013?
i actually want to ignore the reality that it is happening.

the thing is 2013 will be the start of every important events that my life will face. will i have a successful final year project? will i finish my study? will i finish the study with good grades? will i have a job? which one i will choose, a job or study for my master?

if 2012 was the time i started to become selfish, this 2013 will have a more selfish me. and i can assure you, i will be more annoying, more direct, more temper.

new year resolution?
i'm scared to even plan it. the fact that those plans will disappoint me just make me scared more than ever.

2012 was a good year.
i owned myself a pet-cat. a kitten which i named as Putih. cos it was white when i first saw her. and when she started growing, she has a light milo-colored spots on her fur, with some black spots at her nose and her ear. currently, she's not in her cage, and wandering at this time of night. here's hoping she is not lost cos she always in her cage at this time of night. the whole house is anxious with her absent. dear Putih, come home please. PLEASE!

other than that cat, i cooked my first Nasi Goreng! and i learned it from the internet.
funny thing about this is that when i told my friends about my achievement, i could see which one are my close and understanding friends just by seeing their reactions.

when i tweeted and instagram the picture of my nasi goreng, the true friends of mine supported me and said "it seems delicious" and "delicious looking" and then i told some friends of mine, they start to laugh at me when i told them i checked the internet about how to cook them.

there i know, which one know be better, and which one not.

understanding is the best part of being in a friendship. my life is pretty easy and difficult at the same time. if you know me, you know how lazy i can be, how clumsy i can be, how ridiculous i can be, how nice i can be, how angry i can be. and when i start to do something different than my usual habit, the one who knows me will be surprised and laud me. i'm a person who rarely change myself. i'm not a person who listen to people's advice easily.

i bold the advice, cos when it comes to advice, i really really will ignore it. i listen to opinion well, instructions also well. but when it comes to advice, i listen to my own advice. whether wrong or right, i decide that.

the start of 2013 now appear in a serious note. i actually feel like i will start to blog more after this. i need to express myself better. i feel like i become too negative after i stop blogging.

and also cos i want to get money from nuffnang. i noticed that after the last fake-Changmin post, my nuffnang earning start to increase. not sure how, but that's a good thing. the money that my father gave me just not enough. my my.


ps: so i told my father that i want to go to Korea and i want him to pay for it, and he said that i have to start save some money just like Rosmah. if Rosmah can, i also can. meh.