12 February, 2010

My Name is Khan.

A'kum n ello..


i watched MY NAME IS KHAN.

main actor: SHAH RUKH KHAN,the famous Rahul.
main actress: KAJOL,the famous Anjali.
director: KARAN JOHAR,the famous director of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.

cool list names.

oh.oh. the rating.

rating: 5/5.

for me,anyway.cos i REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE.totally epic. and i don't care if some reviewers said this movie is bad or messy or something sort of that, this movie is LOVE!

this movie is the best Bollywood movie.cos this movie is different. no dancing2,no corny dialogues,no rich man falls to poor woman love.this movie is totally not the usual type of Bollywood movie.

ok.i'll try to briefly talked about this movie,so some spoilers maybe will appear unintentionally.

Rizwan Khan,an Asperger's Syndrome/autism patient (aqilah said autism is someone that lives in their own world and will gone mental or something like that). he wants to meet the President of USA bcos his wife said that he can come back to her if he tell the President that his(Rizwan Khan) name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. plenty of things happened in the journey of his life,and all because of people's perception about Muslim i.e Muslims are Terrorist.

only can say that cos i really don't want to spill some spoilers.

some people might say this movie is like Forrest Gump,so maybe it is. but unlike mr Gump who has low IQ,mr Khan is a genius except that he has some mental problem. but seriously, just like Tom Hanks who played Forrest Gump brilliantly, Shah Rukh Khan really score in My Name is Khan. he just sooooo GOOOD!! he played the syndrome character really well and the way he said the naive words are really nice. the dialogues are brilliant,but only Shah Rukh Khan can pull off naive dialogues like that.

tho i know some people might hate this movie cos of religious reasons like Muslim x Hindu,but let just open our mind about it.religious view is people's own opinion.but when you watch this movie,just mind about the good and evil.don't you mind about the religion part. cos this movie is more like showing people that misconception is everywhere,and people have to realize that respect is needed in the society.


my review may sound boring. but just watch it la.

so now.tata!

another ps: i tweeted to him(iamsrk@twitter about the movie.hahaha!