15 February, 2010

tweet tweet.

A'kum n ello..

i really LOVE twitter.

twitter has many celebs. unlike facebook that has moderators to take care of their fan page,twitter is personal and individual.the celebs themselves tweet back at you.how fun.

ok ok.

it's not like twitter don't have any fanpages, but they also have this community tweets. tweets from forums like OneTVXQ(DBSK's forum) and B2STrising(BEAST's forum) some of the samples.

like this one here:

(#LoveisUnity is the trending topic.)


i'll make things specific:

and so there it is:

and another thing,i follow this UKISS guy,Alexander. to tell u the truth,the only member from UKISS that i know is DongHo. but who cares anyway.

anyway,UKISS' Alexander was online,and so he wanted to know about the fans all over the world;where they come from and all,and Alexander was happy to see that UKISS are known worldwide,and so i told Najwa about it,and she was OMO OMO and all, and so, i did this one tiny liar.

ok.i lied. Najwa is like the BLUR-est person i ever known. even if i said Changmin tweet me to marry him,she sure will believe 100%.but still, it's not like that UKISS guy know that i lied,right?


1 tips about lying: do it when THE TIME IS RIGHT.


ta now!

ps: is 10.23pm(Korean Time) that late?

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