01 February, 2010

prepare ur jotter ok?

A'kum n ello..

the effect of yesterday's ExploreRace is still here.

hape tul~~~

i had to walk like a someone who lost her virginity today,but lucky i was wearing baju kurung, so,no dirty thoughts from men when they saw me walking.aha.

oh. it's not like i didn't hear it,but that stupid Selamat Pagi Cikgu greeting is totally cheap.

anyway, today wasn't really nice,but quite ok. i didn't know that we had to send the Mycology's exercise today,so lucky that the lecturer gave us some time to send it. and lucky that the lecturer didn't mind that i asked her about Orchidaceous and Vascular-Arbuscular mycorrhiza,eventhough i didn't read anything about it,and just asked cos i was very the lazy bum to read it.

and not just that, Molecular Biology was kinda hopeless. i was VERY VERY TIRED. and i slept during the lecture. i know that my head was kinda swaying left and right,and when i woke up, i saw that the Repeater that sat beside me was controlling his laugh.

i always want to see my own video of sleeping.NOT!

then, Instrumental Analysis was quite ok,but kinda embarrassing cos i felt like an idiot. the lab assistants asked us plenty of questions about the instrument that we'd be using, but all 4 of us(kp,aqilah,wan and i) knew nothing about it cos we seriously forgot about reading the manual. the lab instructor kinda nag at us and told us that we should prepare before we enter the lab session and other yada-yada.

it was kinda funny cos she didn't actually nag, but it's more like she was being very sarcastic to us, like she's saying "even my son can use this HPLC thing better than you"

ok now. i just blog cos i felt like it.so now, TATA!

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