27 February, 2010

alia n maxis man.

A'kum n ello..

i really want to make a happy post.

i'll try to make it as happy as possible.


the whole day,couldn't really surf the net cos no connection.i really think Maxis was the main problem of this no connection thing.

my brother told me to call the Maxis man,but i told him that they'll give us the same reason just like the previous one..

still,i waited until 8pm.no connection. what the hell.

so i was frustrated.i called the Maxis man. a man at the end of the line. told him the problem.

then he told me to check the modem.he asked "is the DSL light blinking?"

(the modem got 4 lights.power,ethernet,dsl,internet.to connect to internet network,all 4 lights need to blink.but if either one them doesn't blink,no connection)

before i called him,and also in this 1 whole day, there were only 3 lights blinking from the modem.

and when that Maxis man told me to check the DSL light..........


i was looking at the phone.'now,what i should do?' i looked at my laptop.saw that Google Talk suddenly on and showed the emails in my inbox.

in my mind,i was like "ok.baru je nak call orang ni sebab takde internet.leh lak skarang ni ade internet?????"

so i told him about the 4 blinking lights.(so that he can assume that the internet connection is alright)

"oh.4 lampu dah blinking la"

guess he didn't heard that.cos suddenly, he said "ok.bkak internet explorer n masuk url ***.***.*.*."

so i did.

he told me what must i do and so on.

so i did.

he was really kind.he was so into helping me.haha.so i was really guilty when he was helping me to repair the connection when the connection already ok.

so i did this one childish thing.

(no.i didn't hang up the phone)

i told him "jap eh.nak check internet ade ke tak(even tho i already know that the internet is obviously there)"

that guy was quite for awhile.

then i clicked the Liverpool website.

then,i pretend to say "La....!!! ADA INTERNET LA!!!!"

and that guy was laughing really2 hard.

seriously.it was embarrassing.

so,to show that there really was no connection for the whole day, i asked him "kenape takde internet eh?"

he laughed.and then he asked "sejak bile takde internet?"

my reply "sejak pagi tadi.sejak kul 8 lebih sampai la time nak call ni"

maxis man: "so skarang dah ade la?"

alia: "yup"(i need EMOTICONS!!)

maxis man: "sure?"

alia: "InsyaAllah kalo lepas ni takde problem lagi"

maxis man: *laugh again*

maxis man: "ok.lepas ni kalau ade problem lagi,cik Alia boleh call balik,ok?"

alia: *small voice*ok~~~~~~

maxis man: terima kasih kerana menghubungi maxis.*happy voice*

alia: ok.tq. *whisper* sorry~~

hung up.

seriously.like wth eh? i was really embarrassed at that time. how the hell the internet suddenly ok at that EXACT moment?seriously tho.

tq Maxis man.

Customer Service people really are nice.haha.

so now,tata!

ps: i just remember that the conversation between the customer(me) and the maxis man(maxis man) are recorded,to improve the service.aiyo~~

another ps: she's a bitch.

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