03 February, 2010

talks and gay?

A'kum n ello..

ok now.

i'm sooooo lazy right now. i'm just lazy. maybe i just want to be a lazy bum for this night.i'm trying to see how late i can stay this night after days of sleeping early.

you know,this sleeping early isn't just about making me not study. it also makes me miss 1N2D. so yeah, i miss too many things by sleeping early.

and i think i should sleep early today cos i have to class at 8.30am tomorrow,tho i don't care much about being early as my brother the one that'll send me to class,so i don't need to care much about waiting for the bus.

tho maybe i have to do some bits of assignment later. i have Microbial Physiology's assignment that i need to do, so maybe i'll finish that and all bcos they said Mr.Othman will be stricter this semester.

erm.hopefully he won't be as scary as people said.

oh. got this picture from twitter. haha.

so i checked my fingers. and DAMN, I'M GAY!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i should check Atman's fingers if i meet him after this.


credits image:Nazmie@twitter

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