14 February, 2010

keep it to urself.

A'kum n ello..

went out with ahhin and liyana cos ahhin said she got this emo problem.

so i picked her up after her work,and we ate at the warung at seksyen11.

food: dunno why, but da place was not as good as before. before this,the food was good.i love the kuey teow kungfu there.but today,it was lacking of something.

service: bad cos i dunno why.

with ahhin-the culinary student there, she kinda loves to complain. i don't really mind as she knows more bits about cooking. but there something that she said that made me upset. can't say it here as some people might get upset,but i hope she really can just put her annoyance to herself.

i mean, you just can't complain about things all the time right? you just have to ignore what you hate,and just pretend that you like it,cos maybe,just maybe,that something good will happen by thinking that good things will actually happen.

sometimes,i really feel the reason that i have mess up life is because i always want my family and friends to care more about the others. maybe they just can't.

so now.



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