24 February, 2010

ignore me.

A'kum n ello...

have to say,i'm quite busy now.and i should do my Mycology lab reports instead of online and do nothing even though i told my sis that i am using the internet cos i need to do some research about the lab stuff.

no way i'll spend all my online time just for some research.nuh-uh.no way.

so i checked my tweetdeck,saw those tweets and facebook status.
found out that KARA's Nicole has twitter already.so NICE!!(check my twitter to find out her tweetname)

then i checked Liverpool's website.saw news about Aquilani to repay the fans' faith on him,and also about Michael Owen not the best penalty taker in Liverpool history.funny that this happened after the news about Xabi Alonso and Christiano Ronaldo are fighting with each other cos of some penalty kick thing.

then checked my email.nothing good in it.just some picture's comment about people wanna buy this Bill Shankly's t-shirt.nothing much,cos i don't have any money to buy it.


about my life of today.

kinda miserable.

i'm just not in the mood to have fun today. tho during the Physiology's lab,Amier and KP were making some stupid jokes,that makes me laugh just when i'm not in a good mood.

and seeing aqilah stalked my purse,my mood just got better.until amier suddenly took my purse and pulled out my I.C. i tooked the IC from him,and he told me that he never once see a good photo of girls on their IC card. i told him that unlike men who don't wear any tudung,women got problems when having their IC picture with their tudung on.

of course,women wanna look good when taking pictures. so we wore nice tudung to the IC center.then when we were confident of ourselves, suddenly the cameraman said "u have to change the tudung.too bright~" the smiles that you prepared for your IC all gone.you have to change your tudung.the only tudung that they prepared in the room are all hideous tudungs that maybe some 10weeks-of-no-bathe women use it.and those tudungs aren't comfortable like your usual tudung.so when you pose for your IC,you can't even smile,cos the tudung that you have right now is very hideous.so in the end,your IC has an ugly picture of you.

get it,amier?

and you said you look ugly in your IC cos your face is very2 bright.how nice.

and oh.my skill of asking people for money already gone lor. couldn't get any RM1 from anybody today.cis.

and i so hate men who change bcos they have commitments.what the hell is that?so you have a girlfriend,and then your friendship with me then go into the drain?oh wow.our friendship is that cheap eh?

ok.maybe the girlfriends don't let their boyfriends friend with other girls bcos of jealousy.oh,ok then.be happy.let the world know that you are a jealous girlfriend.it's a good thing anyway.

aiyo.it's not like i'm a beautiful woman.

and just now,my father asked me what i want for my birthday. so i told him i want Clarks shoes.he said those shoes are expensive.and i told him that's the cheapest thing i want for now.i was thinking of asking him Samsung Corby tho cos my Nokia e61i is having this stupid problem.


k now.tata~

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