17 February, 2010

blog through email.emojis.

A'kum n ello...

erm.so i change my default browser to chrome.and seriously weyh,i'm LOVING it! 

i dunno how many times i change the theme,and i'm happy now that i can listen to itunes smoothly cos last time when i use mozilla,i can't even open my itunes,cos itunes makes the computer slow.

but now that i use chrome,things kinda nice.i love it.tho there this 1 tiny little thing why i didn't use chrome in the 1st place: the emoticons for blogger thing.

and you know,i'm an expressive person.so something like emoticons really is important to me.so really, i can't put any emoticons now that i use chrome.

tho i dunno if this works,cos i know that gmail has that japanese emoticons a.k.a emojis(if i'm not mistaken) in their compose message,so right now,i'm blogging through my email to use those emojis.


something like  and  are the stuff that i wanna use for this blogging stuff.haha.

and oh,the bad part is, i can upload picture,but i can move them like i want them to.

oh well.

hope this emojis work.so i'll send the send button now.


Alia Liverpool a.k.a Alia Othman

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