06 February, 2010

LIVERPOOL beat Everton.

A'kum n ello..

ok.i haven't blog about Liverpool for some weeks already.

so.now,i start.

LIVERPOOL 1 - 0 Everton.

ok.if you're not a footie fan,u may have this thought "Everton? Sapekah?" in your head.

so,let me intro something about Everton.

they are blue.they are bitter.they are a small team(as describe by Rafa Benitez the great) and Liverpool's CITY rival(city rival like Selangor FC and MPPJ Selangor FC) and ALSO, the team that Liverpool beat just now.

this match is a derby. it's a lil bit different than the Liverpool vs Scum match. Liverpool vs Scum is the derby of 2 Champions from the 70s/80s and the 90s. however, Liverpool vs Bitter is the derby of 2 cities that challenge their pride to be the best in Liverpool.thus,this match is about pride.it's the battle between neighbours. it's like me vs ikram-my neighbour.except that ikram is a scum fan,not a bitter.

ok.whatever.i'll talk about the match now that you MAYBE have understand who is Everton.


WIN LA WEY!!!!!!



imagine a battle of 2 neighbours that wanna show off their house during hari raya. the battle will be intense and passionate. so was the match. the match was intense,passionate,too many tackles and also yellow cards and red cards.

if i'm not mistaken,there were about 5 yellow cards from both team,and also 1 red card for each team.the match was too intense that i saw many players were TOO BRAVE cos they even put their head at the ball when people try to kick it(the ball,not the head). so it was kinda amazing really how the players were brave enough to let their head be the ball.seriously,it was quite scary.

but still,maybe bcos i was gloating with passion at that time,so i was like "WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR HEAD!JUST KICK THAT BALL!!" and i can imagine what will aqilah's expression be if she watch this match cos seriously,the match was really DANGEROUS.that's what makes it exciting.

during the 1st half,around 25th to 32nd minute,around 4 yellow cards and 1 red were flashed to the players.IN JUST 8MINUTES.see how aggressive this match is? and Liverpool vs Everton fixture is the most intense match in the premier league cos 18 red cards were given in the 32 encounters between this team.so,this match is COOL.it's like watching action movie that have no love but blood.

anyway, when the 2nd half already started,the McD delivery man arrived(we ordered McD during half-time) and when the McD man arrived,i was shouting "AHHHHH!!!LAGI SIKIT!!!!" then i went outside to pick the food. the McD man kinda friendly, and he even blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com at me. maybe i was too loud or too excited or maybe becos i had a Liverpool scarf around my neck, so he asked me "nape?ape jadi?" i just said "oh.tade pape" and so i gave him RM50,and while he was searching for the balance money, i heard the tv sound(of the match) roaring upstairs,and i was kinda giddy about it.the McD kinda slow,and when he gave me the balance, i said "OK.BYE BYE!!!" and even waved at him.and he waved back,and i thought to myself,'man,i really am too friendly when i excited'.

and when i went upstairs,just seconds after i arrived in front of the tv, the Incredible Kuyt headed the ball from Mighty Gerrard's cross, and THE BALL WENT INTO THE GOAL, and YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOALL!!!!!!!! i shouted.

oh seriously, i was OVER THE MOON. i seriously am happy. i haven't been this happy for a long time.i dunno why, but my Liverpool passion seriously takeover me.

dear Nadia,this man is Kuyt.he scored the goal.

and the goal proves to be the decisive and the only goal cos Liverpool won 1-0 against the Bitters.

and i'm in heaven.yeay!!!!!!!

my voice almost hoarse tho.it's kinda funny.but good at the same time. and you know what, even my brother not annoyed with my constant shouts throughout the match.haha.

ok now.maybe i should buzz off from the tv. Scum already scored 3 cos i watched them play.aha.(they already scored 5 da)

ps: Chelsea,you better win tomorrow.Terry to score.haha.

ta then!


Dayya said...

i just read about him for the past few days. i mean, dlm paper. XDDD

Alia Liverpool said...

aha.yeah.dia tgh femes gle skarg ni dlm paper sbb dia skor in the last 5 LFC nye match.dats y.ni sme sbb torres tu injured.aha