07 February, 2010

remind her?

A'kum n ello..

you know,i really try very hard not to think that my sister is a stupid person. i really did try hard to change that perception.but no can do,she just really show to me that really is..stupid.

i mean,how could she not even think for one second?


all this start with this:

you know how dad is,right? do you know how busy your father is? i dunno about you,but my father is extremely busy person.and if i can count how many times i see him in 1 month,i can only say i only meet him 5 times.my life living in this house is quite like living in the hostel,except that my siblings are here,tv also here,cars also here,no rent to pay cos my father own the house,there's the washing machine,food also here but the guardian is not here i.e my father.oh,my father lives in JB btw. he works there,and he only come home every fortnight.anyway,i don't really care much as i'm all grown up and it's not like i'm living in hell right now.

and i also know how busy he is and bcos he is too focus on his work,he forgot to do almost everything that he need to do i.e bank in the groceries money,or yada-yada.he is an engineer anyway.he has to take care of the highways at JB and a mere groceries problem never really occur in his mind.


when my sister were given the task to pick up his laundry at the dry cleaner,she forgot to do it. i dunno what makes her forgot,cos it's not like she has tests to revise or food to cook.she only surf the net;tumblr-ing some so-called cool pics for her tumblr.don't think she's that busy to forget a mere task like that.

but still.she forgot to pick it up. thus,she had to do it on the next day. and her stupidity shown when she told my father to remind her to pick it up.

from ayah?
from your own DAD?

she gotta be stupid to even thought about that.
but she did.

like i said,my father is an extremely busy person.he only reply OK in most messages that people sent to him.how could he even remember to call my sister to REMIND her to pick up the laundry.

so he didn't.remind her,i mean.

and when the time my father remember about the oh-i-must-call-my-daughter-to-REMIND-her-about-the-laundry thing,it'll be around 9pm.tho at least he remember.

so,when he called to remind her, at it was 9pm, what my sister told my father is "nape ayah tak ingatkan aye??"



i got mad after that. how could i not? she told my father to remind her.that's like a sin.ok.it's not really a sin.

but the real reason i got mad is, she's being TOO STUPID!!!! and THAT is very,very sad.how could she even think that my father will remind her anyway.


and my sister,with her puny brain told me "apehal marah sangat???"
yeah.she's too stupid to not even think the reason why i got mad.

oh.God,please help my sister.
she needs help!


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