19 February, 2010

chilis,pig lining skin.WHY YOU!

A'kum n ello..

yesterday,hung out with nazneen,aqilah,ainun and najwa at midvalley.

all start with a request from nazneen: nak main boling tak?

and so i thought:main boling je kan? so ok then,lets go.

so i asked,where?

she answered: MID VALLEY. kalo nak tengok wayang pun ok gak.(ignored that line part)


i thought we will play bowling at P.A.S,not somewhere far and commercial like Mid Valley.

but still, i told her the simplest and cutest word in the world: OK!

then,i calculate my money.only RM20.got rm40 in the bank,so ok2,x worries.

so,the next day, went to Mid Valley with aqilah's sportcar,Forza KIA(or KIA Forza,i dunno).arrived and waited for Ainun. 

saw this old guy checking up on Najwa.realize that she was clueless that somebody was checking up on her.

then,saw Ainun's parents.no sight of Ainun after 10minutes.

called her. she was at the ATM in front of MPH. went to the atm and tried to take out some cash.couldn't get any,cos the ATM only have RM50 notes in the machine,and my account only have RM40,didn't even reach that RM50 number.

so,i used my skill to lure people to belanja me. Ainun took my bait.hahaha.

so asked the girls to decide the lunch. Ainun wanted to eat Subway. i reject that instantly cos Shah Alam already have Subway. Nazneen suggested Little Penang(not sure about the name),i rejected that cos the food not really satisfying.

then the girls told me to decide.

warned them that i might choose somewhere expensive.(eventhough i know i have little money in me)

so checked the brochure(?) that shows the eating places at Mid Valley. saw Chilis in the list. Aqilah got excited "Chilis!!" and others also excited. so we went there.

at the front door of the Chilis,there this guy,the waiter of the place.he opened the door,and Ainun asked him "is this place Halal?" that guy said yes. Ainun asked again "you sure?" that guy got scared after that.

then, we looked at the menu. my eyes got really BIG.

the cheapest thing is the RM6,and that's not even the soup,just the bread,or maybe the sauce?i'm not that sure.

the main course was about RM23 to RM60. 


Ainun told me that i can only choose something that is less than RM30.i was very guilty at that time,so i told her that i'll pay her back later.


chose the food.bcos the food is hella expensive,so we had the slowest decision we ever had.even the waiter came twice to us to ask about our order.

so i chose this one food, Fire Grill Quesadillas. couldn't pronounce the word,so i just pointed the menu at the waiter.

to tell you the truth,i didn't even know Quesadillas.just ordered that cos the name is weird,and also bcos the others are too common

oh.also ordered this Mushroom Soup:

totally delicious!!maybe the best mushroom soup i ever had.haha.

and please don't mind the size.just mind about the price.

and this is the Quesadillas.already expect the food will be like this. and i don't like that mayonnaise(or maybe not mayonnaise) cos i hate it. but the food around that white stuff is REALLY REALLY DELICIOUS.man i love THIS FOOD!!

then,after all those eating,we asked for the bill. we guessed how much the bill will be. i told them it'll be around rm100++.then the bill arrived.

it was RM220.10.

yeah.THAT amount.

oh ayah.mana anda?

so i took out my phone,press the calculator button and divided the 220 by 5.it was RM44. but the girls thought that'll be unfair,so ok then.we just pay according to the food and drink that we chose.


RM44 for 1 person ONLY.


i think the food is more expensive than Victoria Station.haha.maybe i'll ask my dad to eat dinner there.haha.

so then,ainun wanted to check some shops.so we went.we entered Topshop. i saw this cool shoes. touched it. then saw this tag attached to the shoes: PIG LINING SKIN.

oh FUCK.


i was seriously uncomfortable when i touched that shoes. i felt very2 dirty even though ainun and najwa said i maybe didn't touch the pig-lining thing cos that stuff should be inside the shoes,not outside the shoes, and i touched OUTSIDE the shoes,so maybe i didn't even touch that piggy.

still.i felt really2 dirty,and my mood wasn't as hyper as always.

then,after all those walking, Nazneen asked"nak main boling?"

like usual,we said "we don't mind"

we played bowling.

as expected, Aqilah got the highest score. i got second. Ainun third and Najwa fourth.Nazneen,the person who request for the bowling thing got last with 22 points.seriously, her throw was awful.

tho not as funny as this:

this is Najwa btw.

and then,after visit the Pet Shop,we went home.

and i search some mudwater and then i washed my pig-lining-skin hand with that water.and i felt clean,clear,innocent and pure.

and yeah.maybe that's all then.haha.

i'm using the modern version of blogger publisher,so i'm kinda in an awkward mood for blogging rite now.and also because there is no cute emoticons for me to express myself.

ta then~

ps: i better inform this again, I ONLY ONLINE MY GOOGLE TALK.i'll online YM after 5minutes only,ok?

another ps: curse words exist for human being to be more expressive.


asya yaacob said...

hahaha topshop tu memang
pig lining tu dia tulis baik punya kecik.sengal gila kot.saje je!

nose punya ok.kalau pig lining skin dia balut dengan plastik so kite akan tau la bezakan dengan kasut lain.

eh pergi mid semalam (kamis yek?)
tak jumpa pun!

Alia Liverpool said...

oh yeah? ala.x jln mane2 sgt pun.kat chilis ngan bowling je.x lepak mane2 sgt.haha.so mmg ssh nk jmpe la.haha