04 December, 2011

i met Amber

A'kum n ello.

after years of being active in all KPOP stuff, i stop being active #blameBiomole.

since 2007, i went to ALMOST all the big KPOP shows in Malaysia.

DBSK's O.Jung.Bang.Hap concert (when they were still FIVE!), FT Island's 1st concert (which end up cancelled~~), Super Junior's Super Show I & II, i went to almost all of them.

still, concerts are increasing, but the savings are decreasing. the money that i save for the future are in RED level after i spent most of it with KPOP stuff.

i have to do something about this problem. i can't just use that savings with JUST kpop stuff. i should save it up for something important.

so, i did something. that'd actually stop me from spending money to KPOP stuff.
which was:

cry alia cry. TT-TT

1st victim of Alia's proud moment: 2PM's Hands Up concert at Stadium Negara.
i had to sacrifice my lust of wanting to see those beastly abs from those 2PM peeps.

2nd victim of Alia's proud moment: Mnet MO.A at Kelana Jaya Stadium (i think.i'm not even bother to know the venue).
i had to sacrifice my lust of wanting to see my sweet Kyuhyun and my handsome Amber.


i did sacrifice my lust of not seeing Kyuhyun, but i did see Amber.


you won't see any appearance of Amber in that video.
but if you're a genius or maybe you have eyes like an owl, you maybe saw a glimpse of Sungmin,Ryeowook and Eunhyuk.

i know there was another one member of Super Junior in that video. but i'm not sure who.

oh. that video is a a video of Super Junior members arriving at the concourse of One World Hotel, the same hotel that Liverpool FC stayed when they were in Malaysia.

i went there with AqilahPrasanCute(oh i missed typing this name) to that hotel cos with my experience of 'stalking' Liverpool FC, i know that the One World Hotel has the friendliest staff. so i told her to stalk them there instead of KLIA.

so we went.

arrived at 10pm, but the Korean peeps arrived at 11.40pm like that.

at first, i thought the ones that appeared in the video were the managers of B1A4. cos we thought the rookies will appear first, then the superstars. but nope, Super Junior appeared first.

it was kinda a funny moment actually. when they appeared, as u see in the video, i was like "who are they?" and then i saw a familiar looking face walking in front of me. and i was like "WH-" until AqilahPrasanCute screamed "RYEOWOOOOOOOOOK!!!" and i was like "eh-RYEOOOOOWOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!" and then i saw a guy with red jacket with blond hair and i was like "EUNNNNHYUKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!" and seriously, it was weird and funny at the same time cos i didn't expect anything.

and then, another van. we were waiting who would come out from that van. and it was f(x). fans started to scream. my scream was a bit late cos i was hesitating. i saw a beautiful, tall girl with red jacket with a very long hair and a very cool shades smiling at us, and AqilahPrasanCute screamed "SULLLI!!!!!!AAAAAAA!!!!LAWANYE SULLI!!!!!!" and i was like "EH EH??? SULLI????" and then i saw this short guy/girl and i was like "AMBER!!!!" and apparently, i was the first one who screamed her name, and people around me started to scream "AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and Amber just waved like a boss, nothing exciting about it. and then i saw this very sweet looking girl who always smiled and waved at us and i was like "LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!".

oh God. Luna was like the sweetest thing ever. if only my sis is as sweet as that <.<

i didn't notice Victoria. oh well.

then, another van appeared. and it was B1A4.

let just say, i didn't know them even though there are the most friendliest bunch among the 3 idols that came on that night. they waved and smiled  and looked at all the fans. but what could i do? i know none of their names nor their faces. they waved at us and smiled at us. and i told AqilahPrasanCute, "erm,siapa nama diorang?" and Aqilah was like "errr..." and we waved like a fake fan, those cute B1A4 boys waved back at us. and we were like "hi...B1A4~~" and then we looked at another member, and apparently, he was looking at us, and we actually laughed. and off they went. And Aqilah and I laughed soo hard about that encounter with B1A4 that even the guard were laughing with us.


and then, two fan girls that were with us who are B1A4 fans were like "OH MY GOD! BARO SOOOO CUTE!!! SANDEUL SOOO HOT!!!" and i was like "err.....hehehehehehe"

and then. off we went.
to home.

most of the fans there were waiting for Lee Teuk and Donghae (who arrived late cos they were from Thailand).

both me and Aqilah didn't care much about both of them. i cared more about my Dad's temper that Lee Teuk or Donghae face.

another post maybe will appear in few day *wink wink*

for that to happen, hopefully, no problem will occur. Insya'Allah :)

ps: sorry that only a short low quality video. low battery for the phone, camera was being a naughty thing.


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