12 June, 2011

U-KISS SHOWCASE at Pavilion. AJ is HOT.

A'kum n ello...

two days ago, i went to a free concert.



this time, it was organized by some famous company instead of the government. unlike the government who tried to use KPOP to fish for vote from the youngsters for next year's national poll, the company that organized the concert (that company: Radioactive) maybe use it to be more famous.

maybe that.

and oh.

the Korean celebrity this time:

U-KISS !!!!

and wow, it was REALLY REALLY FUN!

we(AliaBaik and AqilahPrasanCute) arrived at Pavilion(the venue) at 6.55pm. we parked at Fahrenheit88 (RM5 after 5pm) and walked to Pavilion after that. we saw the stage and the fans. not many fans gathered at that time,if you want to compare with the Super Junior M's free mini-concert. 

we didn't join the crowd straight away tho. we had dinner first and had solat Maghrib and went back to the crowd. 

and by that time, the place already crowded with: fans, not fans, old men with young girls, couples that only there because they were stuck in the crowd, Pavilion staff that are KPOP fans (with their uniforms and all.i should friend with them.maybe they are Burberry's staff) and also some old men that love to take pictures with their DSLR.

anyway, the showcase started at 8.05pm. and unlike the Super Junior M's mini-concert, this one started with some TALKING instead of dancing.

they talked and played games with the chosen fans...talked and talked....it was a lil bit disappointing from RedStar who always organized good stuff because the talk was kinda boring. maybe it was nice if the showcase was indoor....

i didn't care much about what they talked about, or what games they played cos i was really far from the stage and the people in front of me were tall Chinese guys and girls instead of short Malay guys like the one during Hari Belia.

with that kind of distance, it was really hard to see the U-KISS boys' face. i only have to visualize their face in my head, and seriously, i can only imagine Dongho's and SooHyun's faces cos they were the only members that i know their face.

but still, i remember their names. so whenever the MC said "ELI" i'll be like a 'true' fan and shouted "AAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

and then, a miracle happened ...

slowly,some people in front went to the back. i think those fans wanna go home fast cos they wanted to watch Dream Concert at KBSworld. anyway, we filled those people's spots. and we saw a glimpse of the U-KISS guys. at that time, a member of U-KISS with hot voice and fluent English who is known as AJ was talking on the stage. and both me and Aqilah were like "OH MY GOD.THAT VOICE IS HOT!!!!" and we were like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! AJ!!! AJ!!!! AJ!!!!! AJ!!!" and the Chinese girl in front of us was laughing at us. haha.

and then, we couldn't see U-KISS anymore.
it was hard really.

so, we tried to have fun by ourselves.

when the U-KISS guys stopped talking and started their performance, both of us were like 2 crazy fans in the middle of the crowd. i think i hit some people during my crazy behaviour. i had to say sorry plenty of times, and the fans were really nice. they were like "ah~~~don't mind!" and Aqilah even had to tell them "sorry, she's too excited" and the fan was like "don't you mind :)".

and not just that, because we look like U-KISS fanatics, this one Chinese girl came to me and stood beside me. and we sang along to the song. and then she asked me "WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE??" and i answered "DONGHO!!!"(i didn't even know why i didn't say AJ) and then she said "I LIKE *****" and i was like "WA~~~" and continue singing along.

oh. i didn't know who's her favourite. it was really loud. if i asked her again to repeat the name, it'd kill the mood. so...oh well.

they sang 0330, Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up(시끄러!!) and ManManHaNi(만만하니). personally, i love 0330. but on that night, i love Shut Up(시끄러!!) and all because both me and Aqilah made fun of that song. haha. even that Chinese girl in front of us was laughing when we made fun of that song. haha.

and then, performances ended.

memorable stuff when they sang:
  • AJ sang.
  • AJ danced.
  • Dongho sang.
  • ELI was sleeveless.
  • Soohyun's live voice. IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD!
  • AJ
  • AJ
  • AJ
and oh, both me and Aqilah called SooHyun as the ugly one.

oh well.

anyway, the performance ended.but they still have some autograph session and photoshoot session. and while the organizers were preparing the stage for the fan-session, both of us went to Starbuck, the one behind the stage.

after we bought the drinks, we went to the back of the stage, and this time, we saw U-KISS UP-CLOSE.

SooHyun being weird...

SooHyun being weird again.
and oh, AJ!!

hey, ELI!

SooHyun having a laugh.


thanks God and also Starbucks for being behind the stage. thanks for our thirst that made us decide to drink Starbucks.

and oh, we saw the bodyguards there helped take some pictures for the fans. they took the fans' camera and snapped the picture for them. it was really really nice. so next time, curse under your breath whenever the bodyguards stop you from touching the korean celebs or else they won't take a picture of your bias after this.

and here's a video before they left the stage.

i love PhotoBucket.
and also AJ.

and that's all.


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