05 February, 2017

Some bits of reminder


To be honest, nowadays i am a boring person. I stay at home or go to the lab. I feel content when i go to the lab. I feel like i am relevant when i go there.

Then i saw all those stuff that i need to clean up and i avoided the lab after that. But i still go to the lab. I did my work and just avoid the cleaning activity.

I get easily bored nowadays. I watch a drama and some of them still haven't finish yet. I paid RM10 for a month of VIU subscription and the only thing that i actually watch from that is New Journey to the West 2 and 3.

Honestly the show is so brilliant and hilarious, i have to praise PD Na for being a genius in the variety world.

Anyway, i haven't finish most of the drama that i had started watching. the only one that i actually finish is Goblin. Which is so brilliant, my ears still want to hear some bits of its OST.

Liverpool not having a good start of the year too. And so my mood is down. I need them to win. Get themselves some good vibe and all things will be good. Currently, things just seem out of place. The players are so weak minded.

Oh. I'm getting fat. The boobs not getting bigger. But my thighs are bigger and uglier than ever. InsyaAllah i'll be going on a trip later on this July so i'm hoping that i'll be back to my normal weight when that time comes.

Another problem that is stressing me out right now is MyBrain15 haven't paid my March2016 study fee yet. And i just got a text that i need to pay them by this February. I went to UITM finance department and they said MyBrain15 have no money to pay the students right now. And i can't do anything about it. The staff there did say that i should sent an email to them so they can solve the problem. I did send the email but for days now, there is still no response.

So here i am, will advise you, take MyBrain15 if you want, but prepare some bits of money just to be sure that this problem will not occur.

Be grateful. Ta.