14 October, 2012

the FAKE Shim Changmin

A'kum n ello.


sorry that i haven't blog for... months? weeks? whatever. not your problem.

i'm sorry i still haven't blog abt what you really want, AsyaPrasanComel. but like some wise men said,"patience is the key" dan "sabar itu separuh daripada iman" dan "blog dia, suka hati diala". hohohohoho.

nway, the reason i blogged today is because i met HIM....

if you don't know him, i want you to touch the left side of your chest and say to yourself "i am not a KPOP fan. i am immature. i am stupid. forgive me for being so shallow in this fandom".

26 August, 2012


A'kum n ello.

i know i should have blog after someone at the cbox told me to blog. n yes, i am blogging now.

but i am not blogging abt what you want, for now. i'll blog about that later. maybe in few days. haha. sorry AsyaPrasanComel~!

anyway, what i actually want to blog right now is just some personal stuff. you either want to read this or ignore this and leave, you decide.

i have this really really painful feeling inside of me right now. whether it is because my period almost here or that the people around are just so horrible that i am just being emotional.

i am just.... so so so tired.

i am tired of being.... everything.
i am just so so tired.

i am so tired for talking bad stuff about you.
i am so tired for faking my smile when i see you.
i am so tired listening to your 'oh if you dont want me, i can leave' brag.
i am so tired of your 'why me?' sigh.

i am so tired of seeing the immaturity that you people have. i am just so so so bloody tired.

cant you be nice to people? cant you think about other people beside youself? can you shut up when nobody wants your opinion?

can you stop your stupid brags? can you stop your 'you cant live without me' brags? can you start reply nicely and not become like her? can you just shut up?

can you stop talking? can you stop being so annoying? can you use nice words? can you work hard? can you just be a grown up and stop being so childish? can you shut up?


i thought i was the one who talk too much. i thought i was the one who like to talk unnecessary stuff.

but for one day only, for one freaking day, i talked less and let my ears do the listening.

all i heard was dirty stuff. i heard annoyance. i heard.... bad stuff. and i know you waited for my mouth to do the bad stuff too.

and for one moment, when i actually talk, annoyance in the air. and i thought i was the one who being emotional!

and by the way, i am still waiting.
and i will not do what you asked.
and i will not let you change my way of life.

i admit, i am a very difficult person to deal with. but that is when you are with me, you think only about you. only you. not others. and you blame me.

yes, sometimes i look like i am selfish. i do things my way. others who know will ask why. others who pretend will just lose temper.

let just say, i am looking at my future for a farther life. but anxiety towards the most important person in the world stop me.

pretend you understand. pretend you know. pretend you just say WTF.

good night.

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18 March, 2012

reminder to Ms. Nur Alia

A'kum & hello.

i haven't blog for a while.

yeah rite. A WHILE.

i have many things that i need to blog about. plenty of stuff. but the thing is,i ALMOST forgot what happened on those moments that i really wanna blog.

like that Malaysia vs Liverpool match. i still haven't blog about the match itself. i remember the score was 6-3 to my beloved Liverpool,but i couldn't remember who score the goals. i know N'gog (now ex-LFC player) scored 2 goals and that Charlie Adam (who now not really playing as well as i thought) scored a penalty after a dodgy stumble by Andy Carroll (who now can even pass a better ball than Adam), but i really couldn't remember what actually happened.

oh! i do remember that AsyaPrasanComel n SarahTidoPelik tweeted me that i was on tv.

n No. i didn't watch the replay of the match. thus, i never see ME on tv with a Kuyt placard courtesy of my dear cousin who was with me, IzzaSukaKuyt.

oh. other stuff that i still have to blog about is my meeting with Scent of a Woman stars, Kim Sun-A and Lee Dong Wook. the possibility that i'll blog about this will be really high because the fanmeeting was so dramatic; pre-fanmeet and during-fanmeet, all bcos of my BEL class, my broken tooth and those brilliant food by Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

i feel like a famous blogger, tho my blog followers are only 40 people and not hundreds or thousands like some people, but oh well. i have to continue blogging. it's the only thing that i will read when i have Alzheimer later.

i wonder if i have Alzheimer, will i remember that i still have a blog? if i don't, some of you people who knows me in real life have to remind me about this.

but i wonder if you people will also have Alzheimer if i also have it?

"curious,very curious" imagine Ollivanders the wandmaker in Harry Potter say this to you.

oh btw, i'm using my Android. a new phone, tho not as canggih as Galaxy Notes or iPad,but i'm in love with it. THANK YOU, AYAH!!!

and oh. i won't blog about my 22nd's Birthday. or maybe i will.

will i? time will tell.

oh well. bye now. thanks for reading. this post was intended to remind me to blog. thanks for reading it.

with wax,

AliaBaik XD

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