25 March, 2011

no time no see.short.

A'kum n ello..

i know i haven't blog much.

but you see, i'm a very busy person. i worked at KL last week and had to fight for empty spaces in the train, had to fight against powerful,thin women in the ladies coach, had to suppress my mercy to the little boy that wanted to board the train, and had to spend about RM50 just for 4 days because of that work(practical) itself.

after the work,i had to go to Super Junior's Super Show 3 and also to Janda Baik.

both places suppose to make me relax and not tired, but they only made me more tired and exhausted for the next 4 days.

anyway, my practical will end next week, and my MUET will start on the 11th instead of early April, so i have plenty of time to sharp my English skills, especially by blogging, reading articles about Kpop, watching Chuck, reading English subtitles from the Korean dramas, and maybe by listening to English songs for the whole day.

brilliant method, i know.



Yunho: i don't know what to say.

09 March, 2011

post-Birthday post.

A'kum n ello.

today is Wednesday.

let me tell you what happened on this lovely Wednesday morning:

as i was walking to the lab, thinking about my life as "oh,i'm doing the usual stuff", "oh, i'm going to work", "oh,i need to punch my punch card in 4 minutes!", "OH,I'M 21!"

and then, it strikes me.
i'm 21.
and my birthday was 3 days ago.

i forgot that i just had my birthday 3 days ago.

like WOW.
was my 21th birthday that boring?

i know Liverpool beat the Scum that night (fantastic win, obviously~!), and all i think about until this day,that is related to 6th March 2011 was LIVERPOOL BEAT MAN. UNITED 3-1, but not ALIA OTHMAN'S 21ST BIRTHDAY.


was it that unmemorable?

anyway, thanks for the wishes people! even though i like it better if u sms me the birthday wishes instead of tweeting it or facebook it, but i really am grateful that u wish me. :)

tho i kinda feel blah that people wished a HB to me instead of a full Happy Birthday wishes. but still, the fact that he/she even tried to type the wishing words are nice.


i got
  • Wedges, from my maid.
  • Meg Cabot's Runaway from my sis.
  • a Shawl from Amin.
and i'm waiting for my Liverpool jersey with Dalglish's name on the back.n rite now,i'm anxiously waiting for it to be in correct spelling, instead of the spelling error that we(my father and i) did when we ordered it.

oh,my dad WILL give me that Liverpool jersey as my birthday gift. cool huh??

and honestly, i really don't have any mood to blog bcos some of you will just think i'm a whiny person. 

let just say, don't try to show that you know me, but you're not. don't say i'm being selfish, but you're not. don't say i'm being a brat, but you're not. i rather hope you sit at the corner and think more about what others will feel instead of what you feel.

let just say, in life, things are not that simple. it is not black and white.

ta then!

he who scored the hat-trick.

06 March, 2011


A'kum n ello..


it's 6th March 2011.

hrm hrm.

it's my birthday.

i'm not 21 yet,mind you. it's not 11.10am yet,so i am still a few hours short to reach that 2-1 number. aha.

anyway, when the clock tick 12am sharp, the 1st message was from an unknown number. i did wish that if the person that send the wish is a guy, i'll fall head over heels toward him.

and HAHA. that person was Ezhar,the Kpop friend at twitter. HAHAHAHHAHA.i should have known. he wished me at 11.45pm(5th March) at twitter, and i told him to wish me again via sms in 15minutes. and sure enough, he really wished me at 12am.HAHA.

nice one,Mr Ezhar. you really are handsome.HAHA.

anyway, thanks for the wished by phone,twitter n facebook from you lot. appreciate it,really. tho the HB wish is kinda upsetting,but whatever.

a simple Happy Birthday initial won't affect me ;)

so i don't know what will happen in the next 22 hours. maybe i got the presents that i want so much, or maybe i won't. maybe i'll have dinner at that restaurant that i want so much, or maybe i won't. maybe something will happen, or maybe it won't.

the thing is, i'm not really that happy about this 21st Birthday. all because it means reality is sinking inside me that the future that i never thought will happen is appearing seconds by seconds in my life.

like the time when i was 7, i thought i'll be a doctor, but now what i'm learning right now?

like the time when i was 11, i thought i won't finish one bottle of cleanser for 1 year. now i'm using it for 1 bottle/month.

like the time when i was 8, when i heard my brother's ambition to have a lab like Dexter. i never thought i'll be the one that will 'live' in a lab everyday.

apparently, all the things that you dream of when you were a child suddenly become reality, whether it happens like you want to, or it just happen to be at the other side of the rail.


so whatever.

now that i'm 21 and only live for God and myself. so i'll just do things that will make me happy and God happy.

so now,


04 March, 2011

to that person n THAT PERSON!

A'kum n ello.

oh well.

i blog.

i kinda miss it tho.

anyway, i've been reminding everyone about this Sunday. and Amin got really annoyed with me cos i constantly reminding him. you would too if you didn't receive a present from him in your previous's birthday.

oh well. i'm blogging here to remind you of the same thing:


you can say:

  • why the hell she talks about it everyday???
  • why the hell she wants to remind us about her birthday??
  • why the hell she told us to give presents for her??
  • she's not even a little girl anymore, why she needs to celebrate it??

dear readers.

let me answer that for you.

because it's my birthday.
because it's my birthday.

because it's my birthday.

because you are just jealous that i am not a loner like you.

seriously, be nice.

anyway, today is Ainaa Athirah's birthday. in few hours, it'll be Emilia's. in less than 48 hours, it'll be mine.


been friends with her since we were 12 year old. funny that we're close friend right now. aha.


k now.
can't wait for the next 25 hours.AHA.

ps: Emi's birthday in 1 hour. hoho.