04 March, 2011

to that person n THAT PERSON!

A'kum n ello.

oh well.

i blog.

i kinda miss it tho.

anyway, i've been reminding everyone about this Sunday. and Amin got really annoyed with me cos i constantly reminding him. you would too if you didn't receive a present from him in your previous's birthday.

oh well. i'm blogging here to remind you of the same thing:


you can say:

  • why the hell she talks about it everyday???
  • why the hell she wants to remind us about her birthday??
  • why the hell she told us to give presents for her??
  • she's not even a little girl anymore, why she needs to celebrate it??

dear readers.

let me answer that for you.

because it's my birthday.
because it's my birthday.

because it's my birthday.

because you are just jealous that i am not a loner like you.

seriously, be nice.

anyway, today is Ainaa Athirah's birthday. in few hours, it'll be Emilia's. in less than 48 hours, it'll be mine.


been friends with her since we were 12 year old. funny that we're close friend right now. aha.


k now.
can't wait for the next 25 hours.AHA.

ps: Emi's birthday in 1 hour. hoho.

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