25 March, 2011

no time no see.short.

A'kum n ello..

i know i haven't blog much.

but you see, i'm a very busy person. i worked at KL last week and had to fight for empty spaces in the train, had to fight against powerful,thin women in the ladies coach, had to suppress my mercy to the little boy that wanted to board the train, and had to spend about RM50 just for 4 days because of that work(practical) itself.

after the work,i had to go to Super Junior's Super Show 3 and also to Janda Baik.

both places suppose to make me relax and not tired, but they only made me more tired and exhausted for the next 4 days.

anyway, my practical will end next week, and my MUET will start on the 11th instead of early April, so i have plenty of time to sharp my English skills, especially by blogging, reading articles about Kpop, watching Chuck, reading English subtitles from the Korean dramas, and maybe by listening to English songs for the whole day.

brilliant method, i know.



Yunho: i don't know what to say.

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