02 April, 2011

hey,i blog!

A'kum n ello.

haven't blog for awhile.sorry.

i think i said sorry plenty of times before this. i know i said i'll blog about all those stuff that i had attend or faced or participated or worked with, but things just not as free as i thought it would be.

the thing that i should blog:

  • Digi KPOP Party. yes yes. LONG LONG TIME AGO. YENNADE~
  • my Internship at KPJ Selangor. fyi, i already finished my practical few days ago.HAHAHAHA.n i didn't blog about the start of my practical. how 'practical' is that.
  • Super Junior SS3. few weeks ago, and this is like a MUST-BLOG-POST.
  • MyB2UTY's Kigwang's Birthday Party. the thing is, people are waiting for me to blog about this! i'm honoured! and pressured at the same time. but still, some people wish for me to blog it. aha. 
  • this outing with NadiaSepet, AqilahPrasanCute and AsyaPrasanComel. i was thinking of not blogging about any outing unless the outing is an interesting one. and THAT outing was like 1 of the most memorable one that i ever been to.haha.
  • Family Day at Janda Baik with the KPJ Selangor's Lab Crew. i was planning to not blog about this. but you never know, maybe i suddenly have a nice feeling to blog about it. and yes, i had a Family Day.haha.

i'll try to blog about all this stuff before the end of April. i couldn't blog about it in this 2 weeks, mostly because of i have a report and MUET to prepare. so ...

wish me LUCK!!

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