31 August, 2009


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A'kum n ello.



k,i know you'll never list me in ur 'most patriotic person' list,but you know i'm passionate when i watched the Malaysian badminton teamblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

erm.yeah,only the badminton team. don't ask me to watch the Malaysian football match.you'll know my mouth will not stop criticizing the team,especially that i've been observing the English football clubs for more than 5years.haha.

still,Malaysia is not only about sports. we have the most dramatic political drama,we have different cultures from "kechek kelantan" to "wa cakap sama lu", we have one of the hardest exam in the world, we have the scariest ghost in the world that can even beat dracula, we have the most beautiful woman in the world but nobody notice that,we have the respect of the Arabics that say "I LOVE KLCC!" and the best thing of all, we have the MOST DELICIOUS FOOD in the world that even Micky Yoochun said "I LOVE NASI LEMAK" .

cool eh?
(Discovery's Travel&Living called Nasi Lemak as Coconut Rice. man,i thought it was Fat Rice!)

another addition of Malaysia's wonder list : even Andy Lau choose Malaysia as the place to have his wedding.hoho.

MERDEKA in english (blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com) means FREEDOM. 52 years ago,before my father was born, around 28days before that, our 1st PM whose name was Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted 7 words of Merdeka at the Stadium MERDEKA.

yes.the place where i met my dear changmin on 24/11/2007.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

still, starting from that time, the 31st August 1957, is our Independent Day. thanks to Tunku Abdul Rahman, now,we're in a country that has the hero of 3rd World Countries and also have the cheapest football channel in the world with only RM116.95(USD 33.17) and that's include other channels like HBO and AXN.

cool rite?

so,we have to be grateful. without this Merdeka Day, you'll find yourselves as the sex slaves of the Harimau Asia, or maybe the cover model of Communist's Playboy Magazine, or maybe,just maybe,as the victim of the Perjanjian Pangkor and also, you need to pay the Cukai Kepala,instead of Toll-Gate, just to go to KL.

i dunno if you understand what i say,but whatever.

so, be grateful people. FREEDOM is not really free. that's why you have to pay all the bills.


HAPPY MERDEKA!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


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i love nasi lemak too micky.


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