20 August, 2009


A'kum n ello...

see the score?

a good result after the defeat against Spurs.

i didn't watch the game bcos neither espn nor starsports showed any EPL matches last night.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

whatever. lucky i subscribed Liverpool alert through celcom.so,i know when and who scored the goals,and of course,who won.


still, a live match is better instead of live alerts. i read from articles and also from facebook,people were saying that Liverpool played very,very well. it's not like everton vs arsenal where arsenal scored six goals while everton played like wrecks. cos in this Liverpool vs Stoke match,stoke also played well, but Liverpool class were better than them.

Liverpool is classy,rite?
a good display.maybe brilliant.huhu.

oh, torres had a bloody head during the game.he got around 10++ stitches. abisla muke hensem dia tu.nadia konfem tgh "muke torres ensem lagi tak??" aha. when i read the news that torres got stitches from the game,i was like,wooo..a hottie with blood.aha.

hopefully,he'll be alright.

and to make the day more incredible, burnley beat scum.

if i'm not mistaken,burnley is the newly promoted team,and people are betting that BURNLEY WILL NOT BEAT SCUM.

now,who's the boss?


a new gaypair is formed.
expect a fanfiction of this new lovebirds later.haha.

ta then!

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