08 August, 2009

cut my hair,macha!

A'kum n ello..

now,what we have here?


THAT, my dear readers, are my HAIR.


i cut my hair.hahaha.and i got it free!

if you have a sister that loves to use ur hair as an experiment,you can just ask her to do something with ur hair.THAT, IF you're a person like me anyway;someone that never consider Hair as the most important thing in the world.

i don't really care about my hair very much,tho i like it clean and soft and wavy and all sorts. but i wear tudung (a.k.a hijab) anyway,so i don't mind what happen to it. it's not like i have a slow-growth hair anyway.

around 1month or so,this short hair of mine will mature and i'll have my long hair back.


anyway, my new hair is very2 immature kind of style.haha.very childish.my brother said i looked like a stranger.hahaha.THAT'll happen if you look at the backside of my hair.if you look at it from the front, you'll be "Ah.........~~~.alia."blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

you maybe expect something like "AH!Victoria Beckham!" when you look at my backside.(ok,i'm not skinny like her.but just imagine).

anyway,my sis cut it.and i asked her bcos i don't want to waste my money at a salon just for a haircut. ok,some people might think i'm a cheapskate,cos i AM, but if you have a father who live far away from you,who use the phrase "nak duit?nanti ayah bank-in" instead of "nak duit?NAH" you'll find it hard to tell him that "ayah,alia nak potong rambut.nak duit ntuk potong"

yeah.i'm lazy to say that.and it's not like i care too much about my hair anyway. why do you need to pay a killer if your own sister have the weapon to kill,rite??

experiment 1:END!

next time,i'll dye my hair to purple colourjust like the purple line.woo,my father will kill me.haha.

ta then!


ainkinz said...

macam VB??
patot suoh aye wat mcm rihanna.
ella ella ella~~

Alia Liverpool said...

dia xleh la wei buat style camtu..

dia cme potong je.
pastu tu jela.mane pandai buat layer tu sme.haha