07 August, 2009

Malaysia STAND BY YOU project and funny stuff.

A'kum n ello...

cool now.i finished immunology and biochemistry lab reports.

seriously,i'm done.immunology was somewhat confusing.why the hell did they change the unit from mg to microgram??? u dunno how difficult it is to make into graph.

anyway,after all those hardwork,i switched on the internet and checked my emails. and there this email that said:

To all Cassiopeia,

After a few hours of discussion, we have decided to do this “Stand By U” video messages project. Let the boys knew that we will always support them from behind, protect them even though we’re far away from them.


What you guys need to do are :

1. Write a simple message that you wanna tell the boys on a piece of a paper. (It can be just a LETTER or a SIMPLE NOTE as long as they can read your messages.. Try to be as simple and meaningful your letter or note….)

2. Take a clear picture of the message you have written on that piece of paper.

3. Send the picture to this email : dbskforever@live.com.my

4. All messages should be written either in Korean, English and Japanese only.

5. The dateline to submit in will be 7th August 2009 (Friday) at 8.00pm (Malaysia time)

Since this is an urgent project we need your full cooperation…..
감사합니다 (Thank you)...

Always Keep The Faith…!!!

cool eh?

so,i sent the photo of 'ENCOURAGEMENT'.hehe.

not so original,but very2 meaningful.ehe.

and there also this funny lil thing that i found at LSCM's website.

anybody you KNOW that LOOKED at the camera?

hahahahahha. i'm famous!

lets smile together,cheeky girls!

who the SEPET now,emilia?haha.


credits image: LSCM and Kak Raja's facebook


a i n k i n z said...

wah,glemer kazen aku.
plg x tahan ko macam tahu2 je dia tgh tangkap gambar.

belog ko ni block aku ke?
apsal setiap kali aku nk komen dia mesti x bagi??
geramm jer.

Alia Liverpool said...

tula kan.cam aku dh tau je org tu nk tgkap aku.hahaha.perfect je aku kat tgh gmbr,and org ramai pandang tmpt lain.

cameraman tu mmg focus kat aku kot sbenarnye.haha.

n blog aku tak block ko tho.kadang2 slalu bg masalah.try again kalo slalu fail.haha.