29 August, 2009

a PET!

A'kum n ello..

FINALLY,i can use the internet!


it was kinda tiring last night. i was very2 stoked. emi slept at my house today,and she was hovering her laptop,'sweety' chat with her guyfriends and i was a sleepyhead.

i don't really remember what happen last night, but i know that i online-d(via emi's laptop) and watched a lil bit of Code Blue SP and i picked up my maid and her mate at Pasar Seksyen6...

something happened when i picked up my maid.

a kitten followed my maid and it nearly went into the car,like it already know us.my maid noticed that and she held that kitten and brought it home.my sister was horrified,cos she hates cats. and so,right now,i have a KITTEN!!!!!!!


obviously, my sis hates it.but who cares.

at first,i called that kitten as Aiman,cos that cat maybe can replace aiman. but then, the people around me said "tak sesuai la,alia" so, i'll call that cat as MAX!! as in MAX changmin.hahahah!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

(ditto Aqilah's bunny~)

anyway,my sis maybe will like that cat too cos that cat's name is Max.haha.

-i'll care you like a girlfriend-

i don't really know much about cats but my maid had a cat before,so she knows all about this care-cat stuff.haha.

enough about the cat stuff.

last night, emi was active,i was sleepy. emi didn't let me sleep,but in the end,i doze off. when my sleepy mode is on, i'll be this one crazy person that'll talk about crap stuff.

and that emi said "kite suke bile alia jadi camni"


oh.she's still sleeping.haha.

k now.


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