19 August, 2009


A'kum n ello..

do you remember THIS?


last week,i was searching for food. and so i went to 7-11 with aqilah,and while i was searching for some cool food, i saw this NYAM NYAM!!

last time i ate it,it was around 9 years ago,when i still lived in seksyen 19. after i moved to seksyen 9;the place that full of rich peeps and no mamak that sell roti with the motorbike, this food disappear from my life.

but now,i SAW IT and i ATE IT!


last time,i think it costed around 70sen to rm1. now,this stuff sells for rm1.40.

haper tul.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

still, i bought it cos i have plenty of memories while eating this food.

i remember,after my sekolah agama(SRA SEKSYEN 19,babe!) ended, i went to this shop that sold many kind of JAJAN(a.k.a junkfood) and this NYAM NYAM is a MUST in my shopping list.huhu.

this stuff is very2 nyummy IF you dip it with the chocolate.

that's the chocolate~

don't even eat it without the chocolate.it's not even NYAM NYAM!

man,i miss that SRA S19 memories. i rode a bicycle to school!!!

ta then!


asya said...

oi skola 19 ke dlu?ahahah

Alia Liverpool said...


tp smpai drjh 4 je.after that pindah seksyen9.haha.