22 August, 2009

1st day of Puasa

A'kum n ello..

my first day of iftar(buka puasa) was at acu's house.haha. mak uda's family also there.huhu.

nothing much happened except the usual gossips..seriously,aizam is the world's best gossip talker.hahaha.

she even know my father's secrets.what the hell,rite?cis.haha.

k now.

pictures for you peeps.

the food for our iftar. snapped this pic before they went to Solat Terawih. and yes,yes.that's my sister,not alien workshop.haha.

oh.before the iftar, i went to sunway pyramid with my dad and sis. my father bought me a new camera's charger cos the former charger was already wrecked.and i saw this Olympus camera.

Olympus Pen (model: EP-1)
correct me if i'm wrong.i'm not really a camera lover.
anyway,the camera is very unique and cute and retro-ish. however,the price is really blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. i know about this camera when i read kenny sia's blog.hahaha.the salesgirl there laughed when i said to my dad "alia tau pasal kamera ni pun sbb alia bace kat kenny sia nye blog" then my father replied "KENNY SIA??" and that girl laughed.

should i type ha-ha?

anyway, maybe cos we were fasting today,so we went home early without buying anything.


tomorrow maybe have iftar at mak uda's house.another lala then.


fez_the reds said...

xcm sedap jer lauk 2..
nk skit lh x..

ainkinz said...

lol,korg ade?
smp kol bape?
time aizam tepon aku cm x de mention psl korg pon.

Alia Liverpool said...

fez: lauk tu dh abis.haha.

long: airina yg ajak aku dtg umah.aku x expect aizam pun ade.