11 August, 2009

random really

A'kum n ello...

i'm very2 tired nowadays,and that's why i haven't blog about the kenduri and the DBSK's gathering. i'm just VERY,VERY TIRED.

and i fasted today.and it was totally tiring.

for the people who know me very well,they'll know that i get easily pissed off whenever i'm in a hungry mode.

whenever i feel hungry,i'll suddenly lose my temper,and have a bad mood and suddenly bcome a spoil brat.

and yup,that really happened just now.

i lose my temper.and bcos i don't want some Shout Contest to happen,i went into my room and try to calm myself.

BOO.my tears suddenly started to fall.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and i was wondering why the hell i cried.that was only food,anyway.

while i cried and cried,i just realized,i was holding my tears,keep all the bad mood and the anger inside me. i cared too much about other people,that i didn't realize about my own importance.

or maybe i cried cos i still can't accept xabi alonso as a real madrid player.aha.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

whatever. i'll be myself and just be happy.if people around me is happy,i'm happy.

yeah.that's it.

and i'll just run away if the people around me try to do stupid stuff.call me selfish, i don't really care.

the only way for a person to improve is when that person realize which one is good and which one is bad.

it just a bother anyway,when some people still choose the bad thing cos they think,"sorry.i'm just being ME.buzz off you"

sorry dear.don't you realize you're just making fool of urself?


if anybody suddenly blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com i'm just being blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

ta then!

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