05 August, 2009

mrs xabi gone

A'kum n ello..

dear mateys.

i have to change my nickname now.

mrs. xabi will be gone.and i'm looking for a new nickname.

before a new man come, i'll be using my old nickname, i-baik.haha.

so dear peeps.i'm sad now that xabi is gone but what the heck,i already overcome it,and now i'm a free bird.


i say it like a true RED.yeay!!!

xabi alonso,thanks for the eye-candy with ur superb passes.you'll be forever my no.14.hoho.

k now.

i have to go to class.
xabi: aku ceraikan ko!
alia: i'll forever be ms Liverpool!hoho.shooh shooh!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

p/s: mrs shim and i-baik are the same person.

extra p/s: shit.i need to change my password. nur alia xabi alonso no more.ai~

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