07 August, 2009

Dread Day

A'kum n ello...

no CTU tomorrow morning,so my class on Friday, the 7th August will start at 3pm.so i can sleep a lil bit late tonight.

yeah rite.
i'll try to spend just 5minutes only on this blogging thing.aha.

anyway,this week was quite brilliant for me apart of the 'Xabi Alonso Not a Liverpool player anymore' thing.

my uitm life kinda brilliant.i had fun.i laughed all day.and called Hani and i'm really2,having fun.

but there was this one moment,that i thought,that maybe will be the dreaded moment of all. (excluding that Xabi Alonso thingy)

i dunno why,i'm freaking scared of Thursday's Night,especially on this current semester.maybe because Thursday's Night is Bacteriology Lab.that's why.

you know,eventhough it was interesting to see that Lecturer being very excited all of sudden whenever he starts talking about Bacteria,but during the lab session,he'll be this annoying old man that maybe has a young mistress.

not that that's a big deal anyway.the mistress part,i mean.

so,bcos of his annoying rant during lab session,Thursday's Night officially become my Dread Day.


no FAIL from him cos he didn't check our specimens.
and i can even sang After Skool's Diva song while doing my Gram's Stain.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
and not just that,i did 2 streakings and that Gram's Stain in 2 hours,with a positive and happy mind.hoho.

and my love towards microscope increase more and more cos i actually saw the purple colour of Gram's positive and the pink colour of Gram's negative. (ok,i know some of you don't understand this)

and that's a YEAY!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

maybe my happy is cos of Alberto Aquilani joins Liverpool.ehe. i dunno if he can be as good as xabi alonso,but i know he's a brilliant passer.tho it's a concern that he's an injury prone player.

still,i hope he'll be ok.Amin~!!

k now.i don't really have anything to say.


p/s: Nazneen,i'm sorry that you couldn't go to the MTV thing.tho my sister might be the happiest person rite now cos she'll replace you.hrm2.

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